Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something's always gotta give

What is it about modern women that we feel like we need to excel at everything? As if being super-moms, career women and loving partners weren't enough, we throw in stuff like running, blogging, knitting... Sometimes I wonder why I'm so bloody exhausted all the time, and then I experience a rare moment of clarity: Dude, I have a LOT of stuff going on!

Seems like I can never quite get it ALL done, though. And since the Big Three can't really be set aside (mom, wife, super-librarian extraordinaire), it's usually knitting, blogging or running that gets the boot. This week it's been running. After a really fitness-filled weekend (ran twice AND went to Birkram Yoga), I just can't find the will to put my shoes on. But hey! Upside! I've been blogging AND knitting.

Speaking of knitting, I FINALLY finished the Conwy (aka Oh-My-God-Im-Never-Knitting-With-Black-Yarn-Ever-Again) socks, and have settled on Nebula for my next project. I'm going to be using the same Malabrigo SockI used for Honeybee, as I've got a whole skein leftover. And I'm not sick of it yet, so THAT'S saying something, right? The Wednesday Socks will be the next ones on the list, fear not. I've got the perfect yarn lined up for them, in fact. I'm thinking String Theory Caper Sock Yarn, maybe in Java or Garnet? Oh yeah...

Speaking of upcoming projects, I got my first Year of Lace shipment this week!!!

The yarn is Schaefer Audrey (50% merino, 50% cultivated silk), and as you can see, they're very delicate, Spring-inspired colours. The pattern is cute, but looks a bit finicky after the initial read-through. Not complicated, just... finicky in terms of construction. I mean, it's a rectangular shawl, do I REALLY need to knit the edging first, THEN pick up stitches for the body??? *Sigh*

I'm going to sign off with a gratuitous picture of my daughter Emilie. She's off for Easter break this week, so I took the day to hang out with her and have some girl time. And nothing says girl time like.... DINOSAURS!!!

OK, so this might not traditionally be considered a "girlie" activity. But in MY house, dinosaurs are, like, the COOLEST things EVAH.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Big Girl Feet said...

Wow your lace scarf is going to be gorgeous!!
And I know all about having so much to do and not enough time in a day to do it all, & I don't even have kids to add to the mix! You go girl!!

Caroline said...

Ooooh that's beautiful yarn!

And I only do the partner thing and the work thing and I still don't always have energy to work out and blog. I think you are a superwoman!

Sereknitty said...

Ambitious! All those socks and now a 'finicky' lace pattern :)

You go girl!

dawn said...

The Wednesday socks would look great in java or garnet. Your daughter looks so cute next to the dino boys love dinosaurs too.

Chantal B said...

ouf!! essoufflant tu dis? Le surpassement au travail, du temps de "qualité" aux enfants, le repas avec l'absolu légume,être la blonde parfaite, la maison dans un état "présentable" ! J'ai une amie qui arrivait au travail le lundi et qui, essoufflée et exténuée, nous expliquait les listes qu'elle s'était faites et le désappointement de ne pas être en mesure d'en faire la moitié. Puis, un jour le diagnostic de sclérose en plaques est tombé et elle est maintenant clouée à un fauteuil roulant. J'en ai tiré une bonne leçon... surtout lorsque j'ai vu que le profil des femmes (pcq c'est surtout des femmes) qui développait cette maladie avait justement cette prépondérance à vouloir trop en faire... C'était ma petite morale du jour!! (Je me la répète sans cesse!) On devrait partir la journée du "Slow Knitting"!!La vie est trop courte! je dois filer au boulot!! comme tu vois, on court toutes, mais on voudrait tant s'arrêter!!! Bonne journée Tara!

Anonymous said...

1. that spring-inspired lace yarn is stunning. Goes with my eyes....(just sayin') :)

2. WHERE were you with the dinosaur head? Jakob would FLIP OUT if I brought him- dinosaurs rule this house (with sharks, dolphins and the odd fish).

Alrischa said...

I've been ignoring the running for years :D

Know what you mean about black yarn. Just plain knitting with it drives my eyes a bit crazy. Love those Wednesday socks! What color are you doing?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That year of the lace shipment is AWESOME! Can't wait to see that yarn knitted up!

I think there should be more hours in a day. Even if it's just a few hours. It should be entitled "ME" time!

Dinosaurs rock in our house too!

Sinéad said...

ooh nice lace package! I agree about the pattern edging though. Maybe someone has already suggested an alternative on the Rav group?