Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Can I get an Amen?

Emilie is finally feeling better and is back at daycare. Praise the Lord! It was really hard to see her feeling so awful for the past two days, and having two cranky kids at home by myself was making me, shall we say, a little frayed at the edges? So, assuming Maxime cooperates, this is my plan for the day:
  • Get caught up on my daily blogs: check!
  • Get caught up on MY blog: check!
  • Personal grooming ('cause the "straight-out-of-the-Serengeti" look just wasn't working for me): half check (mustache bleached, eyebrows to be tamed, I mean tweezed, this afternoon) (I know, too much information, right?)
  • Water plants: this afternoon;
  • Knit: this afternoon!!!!
Here's a look at what's on the needles:

Version 2.0 of the sock is coming along nicely. I've gone up to a 2.5 mm needle, and reduced the number of stitches per row from 80 to 70, which is giving me about the same circumference for the sock, but uses less yarn. Plus, the fabric is not as stiff. Of course, in the previous incarnation, I had shortened the cuff (from 4 pattern repeats to 3), but this time I just kept right on knitting. I just don't have the heart to rip it out again, so it may not be for a size 13 foot after all. We shall see.

I also cast on my Tulip Baby Cardigan last night. I figured I should get my butt in gear, since the baby shower is on October 8th (not that I'll be able to go, mind you, because Phil is working, but I digress). It's a fairly simple pattern, perfect for TV watching actually, and I've just got to say that Dream in Color is hands down THE softest, yummyest yarn I have ever worked with. I just love, love, LOVE it!!! It's all I can do to stop myself from buying 2 skeins of their smooshy sock yarn in every colour (I only have one skein in the stash).
Finally, a number of you have commented on how much you admire the intarsia work on Emilie's sweater, so I thought I'd make a small confession: it's not intarsia. Yup, I went with Fair Isle instead, for several reasons: first, I've got more than enough yarn, so thriftiness wasn't really a deciding factor; second, the colours are sufficiently distributed throughout the rows that I could get away with it; and third, I really didn't know any better. Was it supposed to be intarsia? :)

I cast on the front of Emilie's sweater, but haven't made much progress (colour-work = blaaaaahhh!!!). But since I want it to be ready for Rhinebeck, I've got to get cracking!

Lastly, I've been having a really, REALLY hard time keeping my word on the whole "no buying yarn" thing. I actually had a skein of Sachi's handspun (whom I've been stalking for months, since her handspun has a turnaround time of about 24 hours) in my cart this morning and was entering my credit card information when I pulled back at the last second. Now I'm drooling over Kim's beautiful sock yarn. *Sigh*


Kate-the-enabler said...

Phew - glad to hear things are back to 'normal' chez dear. Can't wait to see more of the baby sweater - will clearly have to find some of the dream in colour yarn to fondle.

Hoping your day goes according to plan...

Now I'm going to go check out your links from today's blog. WHO exactly is the enabler here?

Mrhide said...

the power of Christ compels you ! the power of Christ compels you ! the power of Christ compels you !

Sachi said...

Hi! Um... Not that I'm pushing you or anything but, if you see something in the future on my blog and it sells out before you can get to it, let me know and we can make sure you get something.

Oh, heck. Just let me know when your yarn diet is over and we'll work something out for you. :-)