Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I should really be knitting

Well, Phil won the bet. I really thought I had him, since he ran into a little snag on Monday night, but I totally, TOTALLY underestimated the amount of time it would take to do the embroidery on the flowers. Seriously, it's taking forever (note the present tense). Yup, after 3 hours, I'm still not finished. Oh well! :) The worst of it is that last night, Phil took one look at my completed panel and said "I think I prefer it without the embroidery". Aaaack! What do you think, dear readers? Better with or without the embroidery?

I went to the bank yesterday and picked up some American money for our trip to Rhinebeck this weekend. After taking out what most muggles would consider to be an insane amount of money to be spending on yarn, my wonderful husband, without missing a beat, said "That's pretty reasonable". Of course, we're talking about the guy who once spent 1200$ on pinball parts at a convention in under five minutes... He's even set aside some spending money for himself (read: money for yarn that will be used exclusively on projects for him).

I will DEFINITELY be finishing the sweater by tonight, so I should have lovely pictures for tomorrow's post. Until then, I leave you with this shot of Maxime, who's just begun eating vegetables. I think he likes it! :)


Katherine said...

Actually, (and this suprises me a bit - not generally being a huge fan of embellishment) I think I'm going to contradict Philippe and come down in favor of the embroidery. I also think that most little girls would like the three-dimensionality of it...things to twiddle. Congrats on being all but done and with DAYS to spare :). Now. What are YOU going to wear???

Very nice pic of the adorable little man.

Maggie said...

I'm going to echo Katherine. Usually not a fan of this kind of thing, but definitely WITH. I love this sweater! It's just so pretty. :)

Jennifer said...

I prefer the embroidery too. I'm going to start Jakob on cereals in another 2 weeks...:( He's growing up too fast! When did you start Maxime on cereals?