Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is there a cure for this?

I have a wicked case of cast-on-itis. Unfortunately, I don't actually own the yarn for any of the things I'm currently drooling over. *Sigh* And since I'm a bit of a fiber-snob (no acrylic, please), it would cost me quite a bundle if I were to order everything I want. Yes folks, incredible though it may sound, it seems that Rhinebeck did nothing to cure me from my urge to splurge.

What are some of the things you want, you may be asking? Here's a list (in no particular order):
I also have a yearning for this yarn, just because it's pretty:
Even though my yarn fast is technically over, the Rhinebeck bills have yet to arrive, so I'm going to try to keep it together until they do. I'll keep you posted.

By the way, I've turned the heel on my second Gentleman's sock with lozenge pattern. I'm hoping it'll be finished by the end of the week, since I got my Rockin Sock Club kit in the mail yesterday (no pictures yet - I don't want to spoil the fun!). Suffice it to say that I love the colour (very Halloweeny), and the design is equally fun (from none other than the Harlot herself). I think these will be keepers!


Kate-the-enabler said...

O Thank You for the belly laugh - home from Rhinebeck and IN NEED OF MORE YARN.

You've picked some awfully nice things though - I think the somewhat cowl would look smashing on you - but the Greenjeans one is more seasonally appropriate...How fast do you actually go when faced with long stretches of unalloyed stockinette?

Yup. Can't help you - think you should knit them both. *grins*

Maggie said...

The startitis is marginally better than the sitting there, not having any idea what to knit or bring with you to SNB and you have 5 minutes left before departure to plan a project...GO!

Jennifer said...

So what you're saying is...if you avoid knitty and Knit and Tonic's websites then you're ok?

Caroline said...

These are all great projects. Maybe you could go and get yarn for one of them?

And just to clarify something: I definitely don't have the yarn for the 63 projects in my Ravelry queue (I wish...), just 8 of the 10 that I posted. :)