Thursday, December 20, 2007

34 Rows

34 rows are all that separate me from finally completing Michel's boyfriend socks. That and about eleventy-billion errands I have to run today. I'm determined to finish all shopping today, since I'd rather insert red-hot pokers in my eyes than have to brave the mall on the last weekend before Christmas. After that, I'm casting on yet another Amanda Hat for my sister-in-law, then a gift for my cousin Jessica. Then probably something for my wonderful husband, Phil, who was quite saddened when I told him he wouldn't be getting any woolly love this year (exactly WHEN am I supposed to get any sneaky knitting done???).

Oh, and there's also the wrapping, the baking, the cleaning, the choir stuff and the family visits. Sign me up for a nice, refreshing coma in January, m'kay?

I had another concert last night, and I totally NAILED my solo! It was awesome, I actually burst out laughing at the end because I was so happy with my performance. I RULE!!! :) All jokes aside, I was really happy with my last performance. On to the big show on Sunday!

In celebration of my artistic genius, my cousin Jessica brought me an early Christmas gift on Tuesday. I had recently come across a master tape of a Downy commercial I did in March of 1982 (I was 5), but it was in some kind of mystery format. Enter Jessica, uber-techno-wiz extraordinaire (who's also in the film industry, you can check out her stuff here), who knew just what to do, and Presto! My commercial, which I haven't seen since about, oh, 1982?? Here it is (I'm the little girl at the beginning and the end - Tee Hee!!):

Pretty cool, eh? Talk about a blast from the past!


Caroline said...

Oh my God "Ça sent beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup bon". SO CUTE!

Congrats on your great solo!

Sereknitty said...

Congrats on nailing your solo! There's truly almost nothing more satisfying or exhilarating as finishing that last note and knowing in every fibre of your body that you absolutely, positively nailed it and it was fabulous!

AliP said...

Cool. Just very very cool. Very.

Knitting Mama said...

That is sooooo cool. You in a commercial. A french one nonetheless. How'd your parents hook up that one? Now I can say I know the girl from the 1982 Downy commercial - LOL... :) Can I have your autograph?

Look at all the fun stuff I miss when I don't blog read in a bit... I must be a better reader! 2008 goal!

Jennifer said...

Ca sent beaucoup, beaucoup, beacoup bon eh? You're adorable! Did they coach you on what to say?