Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Just a quick post today, I'm afraid. I'm off to do some frantic Christmas shopping this afternoon, and tonight I've got a choir-related activity with the City, so I'm going to try to get a few rows done on my mom's husband's socks while Maxime sleeps this morning.

Yesterday Robyn, Jenn and Kate-the-Enabler (along with wee Liam) came over for our monthly Mommies Who Knit meeting, and although little or no knitting was actually done (hard to do with four boys under age 1 running around), fun was had by all (I hope). However, it IS hectic having all those babies around, so of course, no pictures were actually taken. Sorry! I know I promised to post a picture of Liam, but it totally slipped my mind with all the babies and toys and stuff yesterday.

In honour of my special guests, I made a Zucchini chocolate cake and Kate brought some homemade cranberry muffins. Of course, my cake was so rich that no one could even fathom of eating anything after that, so now I'm feeling vaguely guilty about having 8 muffins in my kitchen. Perhaps I should have packed them up and given them back to her? Trouble is, now there are only 7 (they go particularly well with the morning tea, so they do). :)

I'm off to L.L. Lozeau with my mom this afternoon. Michel (her husband) is a photography nut, so we always make an annual pilgrimage there around this time of year. And wouldn't you know it? Effiloché is right across the street! Before you get in a huff, sweetheart, I know I promised not to buy more yarn until the end of the year. But this is for Isabelle's (our babysitter) Christmas gift, and thus falls under the category of special circumstances. One skein only. I promise. :)


Maggie said...

A chocolate zucchini cake that is so rich people can't eat another bite? Sounds perfect! I don't suppose you'd be willing to share that recipe?

Kate-the-enabler said...

Ummmmm.... It was a mag cake folks. Mag.
More than fair exchange for the muffins (so enjoy - I had one with my tea too...)

Happy shopping - One skein? Really? You tough person, you.

Knitting Mama said...

The cake was really good - sorry I couldn't finish my sliver!

You know - there was a little bit of knitting - don't lie! We all got some rows done! Each and every one of us - LOL.

I do have a memory to take with me from yesterday, though, actually 2 memories. I know it's not a picture, but I have a nice bruise on my right butt cheek and a speeding ticket. Jenn & I were engaged in deep conversation, and I was doing "regular road speed" and didn't realize I was in a school zone (I'm not familiar with Blvd. St Rose). Anyhow, I should have been paying attention, but instead, got a ticket for doing 54 (which is fine in a 50 zone!) but in a school zone. Grrr! That was my luck - I tell ya! The ticket is not so expensive, but they charge a 25$ donut tax. LOL. Know any Laval police officers that can "get rid of tickets?" LOL

Caroline said...

Aww, you're going to Effiloché? I live like 10 seconds from there! I wish we could have arranged a meeting, I'd love to see you!!!

Mrhide said...

I feel for you mama ;) they are always there in front of that school ...they sure like to give gifts for the holidays don't they ?! I bet it was cheaper then my 250$ one ... to eat a muffin I go :]

Jennifer said...

I didn't get any rows done! I took my knitting out but passed on knitting time in favor of Liam-holding time (worth it!).

It was a very yummy cake. Especially the top.

Yummy orange Pelligrino too!

AliP said...

sigh...I love Effiloche. I took my sisters there on Sunday and even though we were way too early Ginette let us in. I adore her, we have lots of laughs. It worked out well too because my sister bought a heap of goodies and they were not the least expensive goodies either(hello? TWO skeins of sea silk!! plus...)...LOL I was a tad green with envy and over- spending nausea on her behalf although SHE had no qualms whatsoever!
I hope your trip to Plaza St Hubert was a good one.

Sereknitty said...

Ooooh, I had a look at the store you'll be visiting ... looks fabulous! Did you get your zucchini cake recipe from 'Adamknits'? If so, I've made it and it's very yummy!