Friday, December 14, 2007


I've had a really, really busy week and it's starting to take its toll. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings I was out with choir-related activities (practice, meeting with City over funding, concert), and I think both the kids and my loving husband, Phil, are starting to feel my absence. Last night when I left the house at 6, all three of them were cranky (to be fair, both Phil and Émilie are sick) but when I got home (late), everyone was asleep, tucked safely in their beds. This morning, when asked how it went, Phil looked at me and deadpanned "It was the worst night of my life". OK! Guess what, I've got another concert (this time in St-Jerome) on Saturday! No, no, I don't feel guilty, why do you ask?

All kidding aside, last night's concert went fairly well, I think. We had some difficulty with our director's compositions, but all in all, for our first concert of the season, I'd say it went OK. As for my solo performance, there were some microphone issues at the beginning of the piece, which made for a wobbly start, but I managed to get through it without being booed off the stage or dodging rotting fruit, so I'm good. Was it my best performance? No. Can I do better? Most definitely. I'll keep working at it.

Needless to say, the Holiday knitting has been painfully slow. As has been pretty much everything Holiday related. I didn't get as much done during my Wednesday shopping excursion as I would have liked (in all fairness, the run was for my Mom, not myself). I DID pick up some Malabrigo (love that yarn) at Effiloché, however, which I'll be using to make the Amanda Hat for my daycare lady. I wanted to cast-on immediately (setting aside the boyfriend socks), because the deadline for this gift is actually next Friday (Aaaack!), but I didn't have the needles I needed to make gauge (I can just picture my husband right now, shaking his head in disbelief that I didn't have enough needles). Luckily, Robyn's got my back, and will be including a pair of 6.5 mm dpns with mine and Kate-the-Enabler's December sock kits (which I'll be picking up later today).

So yeah. I think it's safe to say that I'm totally NOT on top of things lately (groceries? Bwahahahaha!!!). The worst of it is that all I really need to get back on track is one afternoon of serious shopping, and I could be done. I just can't for the life of me scrounge up an ounce of motivation today. I'm totally, 100% beat. I just feel like loitering around the house today, much like the yarn (from recent splurges) that's been lying around the house lately. More on that next post. Never fear, I won't shirk my responsibilities entirely. I'll be doing laundry, as well. :)

I'll wrap up this post with a picture of my little Maxime, who's 7 months old today. I can't believe it! I was trying to get a shot of his "Pinball Wizard" shirt (custom made by a gamer friend of Phil's) yesterday, and he kept giggling every time I pulled on his shirt. It was adorable!


Kate-the-enabler said...

Two thoughts today, DearKnits..

1) Merde!!! (I'm writing it belatedly, but shouted it at you at the top of my lungs yesterday evening from out here in Laval) I'm glad it went ok in your opinion - that probably means it went delightfully according to everyone else :) Merde for tomorrow too.

2) Sock kits? Really? O boyoboyoboyoboy. Woo hoo.
*ahem* Very cool. I am all giddy and up. (hee)

Wishing you a knitting-y weekend - more snow coming.

Oh, and seriously - bravo on the Effiloche restraint. Colour me impressed.

Shelley said...

Maxime is so cute! Hope you were able to recover from your busy week! I haven't been doing much knitting myself lately...mostly because I've either been tired or not motivated. I did work on a pair of mittens this afternoon though, so I did get something accomplished. Right now I'm busy trying to get lesson plans done up (need 10) by Tuesday for the winter "camps" (basically the camps are just extra classes) that some of the kids will be going to over winter break....I'll be glad when that and the month of January (when we have to do the classes) are over...then I go to Egypt!

Sereknitty said...

Maxime is adorable! What a gorgeous smile :)

Jennifer said...

That's an adorable photo of Maxime! I'm glad to hear the concert went well, I was sending you good vibes that night (might be what interfered with the microphone...sorry!) :)

Knitting Mama said...

I can't believe your little guy is already 7 mos old! Happy 7 months (actually 7 and a half months now!)! Where does time fly?? Before you know it - he'll be 1! (I have no idea how Sean turned 1 - I feel like he was born yesterday!)

I love love love that pink of the Malabrigo! WOWzers! Your daycare lady is one lucky woman!