Monday, December 10, 2007


And ready to hit the ground running! There are only 15 days left 'till Christmas, and I've still got quite a bit of knitting to go. When one considers that the next two weeks will be busy with choir related activities, it's a good thing I'm rested up and ready to tackle anything!

Why am I so perky, you may be wondering? Well, Saturday Phil and I had our first ever romantic (aka "remember me?") weekend getaway since we've been parents, despite the fact that our priest made us promise to take at least two weekends per annum for ourselves on our wedding day. I guess it technically doesn't really count as a weekend per say, since we were only gone one night, but it did us a world of good nonetheless.

We didn't cheap out either! We booked a honeymoon package at the Château Vaudreuil, a beautiful hotel on the Lac des Deux Montagnes that my father and his wife Margot rave about (they actually gave us gift certificates to the hotel as a Christmas gift last year). Definitely, DEFINITELY need to do that more often. In fact, I'm seriously considering catching up on our missed weekend getaways in one fell swoop by booking a cruise in 2009, in honor of our fifteenth anniversary (yup, we've been together since I was seventeen). The kids stayed with my parents and had a great time. Naturally they slept later than they ever sleep at home (even Maxime woke up past 7). I think it's written in their DNA to be on their best behaviour when their parents aren't around.

Now, I don't have pictures of the room to show you (didn't think to take one until the bed was, um, disheveled ;)). But when we arrived, we were suitably impressed, with the king size bed as well as the king size jacuzzi. Phil promptly decided to run us a bath, and about an hour later, we were ready to hop in (no pressure, big tub), with sparkling wine for myself and Pellegrino for Phil in hand.

... (you can fill in the blanks yourself) ...

We then get all dolled up and ready to head downstairs for dinner (the hotel restaurant is actually fantastic). I'd been shopping earlier in the week, and was very excited to look and feel like a woman (as opposed to a mom). I started rooting around the bag for my heels when I realized they're nowhere to be found. I had asked Phil to pack them for me, and he totally forgot. Now, in all fairness, we were trying to pack everyone up at once, and if you don't have small children (and babies in particular), you really can't conceive of exactly how much stuff you need to pack for even just one night. Sure, there's the stuff you'd expect to find: food, bottles, jammies, backup jammies, clothes, toys, books, diapers. But remember, Maxime doesn't sit on his own yet (well, he does, but only for about 7 seconds), so you need to pack the chair, the portable high chair, the bath for Pete's sake! Oy Vey!

Anyway, he forgot. He DID remember to bring these though:

I'd asked him to pack some rubber shoes in case we wanted to use the swimming pool (we didn't). I remember thinking when I bought the outfit that I should wear it with a coloured shoe (navy blue, or possibly teal) to bring out the colour in the blouse. This wasn't quite what I had in mind. Oh yeah, baby, once, twice, three times a lady.

After stifling a few snickers, Phil managed to keep a straight face long enough to tell me that it'd be fine, no one would notice my shoes (did he not notice that these are bright, neon green Crocs????). Heck, I wasn't gonna put my big boots on, right? So, I pose for the pictures and we set off for downstairs. Naturally (naturally) upon arriving in the lobby we discover it to be filled with glitzy, fashionable people, all of whom are wearing shoes that go with their outfits. It's a Christmas party! Yay! Oh my humiliation as I walk through the masses to get to the restaurant, and stand patiently for all to see while the Maitre 'D explains the table d'hôte to us. (Come on, buddy! Get me to my table STAT!). Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Aside from that little, um, snag, it was a lovely evening and a lovely time. I knew I liked that guy! Not much knitting got done though (when I casually asked if I could bring my knitting, I got such a glare that I laughed it off and mumbled something about just kidding around). I'll report my progress next post.


Caroline said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! My boyfriend and I did something similar last summer, we spent one night at Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal. It was fantastic. And thank God I made my own bag, so I had the right shoes for the restaurant ;)

Seriously, I think the shoe incident will only make the weekend more memorable!

Mrhide said...

"more memorable"...where do I send the money Caroline?! :)

AliP said...

This is so romantic and so true to life as a mom...LOL I think its cool that you braved the Crocs and held your head up high.
Congratulations on a lovely getaway full of bed dishevellment and jacuzziness.

Jennifer said...

[insert naive look here]

What happened in that "fill in the blanks" part?

He he he

Good on you to take some "us" time! I've been to Chateau Vaudreuil for a wedding but never checked out the rooms. Beautiful place! And good on you to have been together almost 15 years! We just hit 9.

You could have brought your knitting for the car ride...

Knitting Mama said...

The story about your crocs is cute. I probably would have left my heels at home and brought the crocs! LOL I'm soooooo "low maintenance"... I hate dressing up! I like being casual - even in the most fancy of places - lol... You'll rarely find me in a dress (or skirt for that matter!)

I wanted to get married at Chateau Vaudreuil, but they were asking rediculous numbers!