Monday, July 7, 2008

Checking in

I'm back! I never really left, of course, but Émilie's illness kept me extra busy over the past few days, and I just didn't have it in me to blog once the kids were in bed in the evenings. Bad blogger, I know.

So, when I last posted I mentioned that the kids both had colds, but that Émilie was feeling particularly nasty and that I was keeping her home for the day. She ran a pretty high fever all day, so even though she was feeling a little better on Thursday, I kept her home again (Maxime went to daycare, he's just got a plain summer cold). She was in good spirits, and the fever was down, so I figured we'd gotten through it after all, and decided to send her to daycare for Friday. Then during the night on Thursday, she woke up complaning of an ear ache in the middle of the night, and I thought she had an ear infection (actually my first thought was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!, but you know what I mean). But when she woke up Friday morning, she seemed fine, so I decided to send her to daycare after all.

As I was getting ready for work, she came to see me complaining of a bug bite behind her ear. When she pulled her hair back to show me, the lymphnodes behind and below her left ear were super swollen, and the whole left side of her face was about twice it's normal size (how I didn't notice it until then is beyond me). Off Maxime went to daycare again, and Émilie and I headed to our local CLSC (her pediatrician's office is closed on Fridays, of course).

After about a 2 and a half hour wait (luckily, we'd been to the library the day before, and I had brought ALL the books we took out with us, which kept us pretty busy), we were seen by a doctor, who was concerned that Émilie might have the mumps, so they did some blood tests (oh what fun that was... NOT!) and gave her a prescription for some antibiotics in case it was just a localized infection.

We had a follow-up appointment the following morning (yes, I had to go to the CLSC on a Saturday), and the doctors were pleased with her progress (the swelling had really gone down overnight), but they still wanted to see her this morning to make sure that she was getting better, and possibly do more bloodwork. Since she was really feeling better this morning, we decided to take her to the clinic in the morning, then take her to daycare, which is something Phil can do much easier than I can, because he works so close to home (I work downtown).

I'm happy to say that the doctors were very pleased with her progress, and they decided not to do any more blood tests at this time, since they didn't have the full results from Friday's test yet. They'll forward the results to the local hospital when they get them, and from there, it's the hospital that will decide whether further bloodwork is called for. Mumps is a highly contagious disease, which is why they're so concerned about following up (public health issues). But Maxime hasn't caught it, so I'm not worried (he's really just got a cough and a runny nose at this point, he never had a fever).
(As you can see, we had a serious infection on our hands!)

Thanks so much for those of you who got in touch with me, either on this blog or in person, to convey their wishes for a speedy recovery!

I wanted to share this picture with you. On Sunday morning we went to the Centre de la Nature here in Laval for a picnic (we were looking for something fun, and free, to do outdoors). It's a really lovely area (nothing like the Botanical Gardens, of course, but still lots of fun). They've got an area with farm animals, and a great play area, and a mini-train. It's really a great spot for a picnic. Anyway, this is Maxime checking out the goats. He's very into pointing right now. I just love it when he tries to communicate like that, it's awesome. While there we also flew one of Dad's kites (speaking of which, he just finished one! check it out here).

OK, on to knitting! Since finishing Émilie's dress, I picked up my Firestarter sock again. I had started this sock way back in April, but it kind of got set aside in favour of the Leafling socks and Émilie's dress. I finished the first sock this weekend, and cast on for the second on Saturday. I really enjoyed knitting this sock, the design is just lovely. Yarnissima really has a thing for gussets! If you've seen some of her other designs, or are a member of the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club (she designed the pattern for the May kit), you'll know what I'm talking about. There were a few different techniques that I've never tried before in this sock, which made it challenging and a fun learning experience (2 things I love). I only wish I had knit it with the stated 2 circs instead of dpns, but I didn't have the needles to make gauge. Must make a KnitPicks order! I love their circulars, they're wonderful to work with, and they're CHEAP!
Secret Pal 12 Question of the Week:

1) What yarn (that you don't have/haven't used) would make your stash "complete"?
Ummm.... I'd love to get my hands on some Sundara yarn, but I don't think my stash will ever be complete. I'll always find something I need or want. It's a gift. :)

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?
Sock yarn. Totally sock yarn. There's an endless variety of sock patterns out there, and I've always got a pair on the needles for someone.

I thought I'd end this post by showing you the results of Wednesday's gardening.

Look! My rapini has sprouted! I'm very excited. I love rapini, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it properly! I bought some this weekend and made it for myself (no one else in my family appreciates it much), but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too salty! Bleaaaachh! I think I need to have my Italian cousin come over and teach me how to make it properly (again). Help me Jessica!!!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sereknitty said...

Fabulous socks! I, too, love sock yarn, but not for knitting socks ... I use it for lace scarves or shawls. I especially love the artist hand dyed ones and will kill for any with a combo of silk and merino ... heaven!
Mumps! That's not happy ... I really hope there's another benign reason for the swelling.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

So happy that Emilie is doing better. It's no fun to be sick. I'm hoping for your sake and hers that it's not the mumps. How long will the test results take??

LOVE the firestarters. I love the way the Shibui knits up! It's fun!

I'm dying to take Sean to the EcoMuseum in SteAnne, but I'm not sure at 18 mos he'd appreciate it?

Jennifer Lori said...

I hope Emilie feels better, and that its not the mumps! Although...I think her diagnosis is clear- she's got a full-blown case of stickerpox!

(Actually, I have a photo somewhere of my sister and I, I was probably 14 or 15, putting her at 4 or 5, and we both have our faces covered with those little stickers. Great way to spend an afternoon and amuse a kid!)

Caroline said...

I'm glad Emilie is feeling better! I have no idea what mumps are, do you know how it's called in French?

Maggie said...

Oooh, mumps! That's something, isn't it! When Alex was 6 he got scarlet fever. He was feverish the day before, but in the morning I looked at him and he was covered in what looked like heat rash. So we took him to the doctor. Scarlet fever is a form of strep, and treating it is the same, but when I mentioned the words "scarlet fever" to his school, they FREAKED OUT and said they wouldn't accept him back without a note from the doctor assuring he was healthy. It's not typhoid, for pete's sake! But you can't fault the school for wanting to keep the other kids safe, even though they were totally misinformed.

Hope Emilie's feeling okay!

AliP said...

Oh my gods those socks are the bomb, baby!!
Poor Emilie and her mystery disease. I used to get "swollen glands" as a kid and just puff up like a bullfrog. Looks like mumps but not...bizarre eh?
I am looking forward to tonight T. Will be good to have you out.

birana said...

She’s very cute Emilie with her virus. Hi!hi! and Le centre de la nature.. I went there many times with my aunt when I was visiting her.. a long time ago. Nice souvenirs of that place.
I love the effect of those sock yarns, but I would make a hat or anything elsa than socks (as you know I am not a fan of them)

Sam said...

Forgot to ask or i do not remember - whatever...
What's the yarn for your Yarnissima socks ??