Friday, July 18, 2008

Final Lap

Things are nearing their inevitable conclusion at Chez Dear. The week is finally coming to an end, I've got another week left before we're all off for our summer holidays, and I'm this close to finishing my second Firestarter sock. (In fact, since I'm writing this from the office during my lunch break, I might be done by the time I post tonight!).

I usually work on these in the evening, but since all I'm doing is ribbing at this point, I brought it with me to work today, and got a few rows done on the metro. As a matter of fact, I was so engrossed in my knitting this morning that I almost missed my stop! I looked up and realized with a start that it was time to get off (about 2 seconds before the doors closed), so I hobbled out of there with all my stuff in total disarray. Distracto Girl in her natural habitat.

I loved this pattern, I loved this yarn (Shibui sock, from Robyn's Nest). I will be keeping these for myself, thank you kindly. Christmas is still months and months away, after all (plenty of time left!).

I'm really looking forward to taking some time off. I think we're all getting sick of the daily grind (even Émilie was whining about wanting to be on vacation this morning, and she gets to play with her friends all day!), it'll be good to have a change of routine. We're going to be spending some time at my Dad's, as usual, but after that it's sort of up in the air at this point. As I said to Phil this week, we're probably going to spend our entire vacation whining "What are we going to do today????". Big fun ;)

In keeping with the theme of Summer Vacation, here's the Secret Pal 12 Question for this Week:
What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

I usually pack multiple projects to take on vacation, because I find that, just like at home, different situations lend themselves to different types of projects. I ALWAYS have a sock with me, but if I'm going to be on a train or somewhere I can actually pay attention to my knitting, I'll pack a more complex, yet transportable project (like lace knit on a circular needle). I don't tend to pack something I have to knit in pieces (like a garment).

And just for scuz:

Tell us about a time that you packed too much knitting or were stranded without knitting.

I totally packed too much knitting when I went to Japan in March. I think I had wound enough yarn for 3 pairs of socks (not counting the pair I already had on the needles at the time), I had Cluaranach with me, and Maxime's Trellis Cardigan as well. I was there for 18 days. No way I was going to need that much. But as it turned out, it was a good thing I had brought so much with me. In Japan it's customary to give gifts to show appreciation when someone does something for you, so when 2 lovely Japanese ladies offered to hook up with me and be my guides on various excursions, I was able to give them each a skein of sock yarn.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

PS: For those of you who encouraged me to just go ahead and buy the red shoes I mentioned last post, it's my sad duty to inform you that when I went back the following day, they didn't have any left in my size. I was heartbroken! Honestly, who does a gal have to garrote with a circular needle to get her hands on a decent pair of red heels, for Pete's Sake!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sucks about the red shoes. I hate when that happens. I guess that's why I'm such an impulse buyer? Buy now because tomorrow they may not be there.... LOL

Sinéad said...

Mourn the shoes. Salute their memory by buying yarn. Seriously, that's the only way to move on.

Isn't it freaky that we're both on holidays next weekend? Fancy a house swap (lol ;))

Amelah said...

Aww, my heart goes out to you on the shoes!!! Did you ask if another store has them???

Anonymous said...

Happy upcoming holidays!! Are you going away anywhere?
:))xo Your SP