Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Wednesday

Every time I post, I've always got a bunch of random "Oh, and I should mention such and such" stuff, and then the narrative flow or whatever you want to call it just takes on a life of its own, and I forget to mention whatever I wanted to mention. Still with me?

So today's post will be decidedly lacking in narrative flow. I'm just going to blurt it all out.

  • Maxime is walking!!! He actually took his first steps on Father's Day (almost a month ago, how awful a mother does that make me that I haven't mentioned it until now), and while crawling still appears to be his favoured mode of transportation, he's getting better every day. It's so wonderful when he decides to "give this walking thing a go". He looks as though he's crossing a high wire or something (except for the fear!), taking these halting, tentative steps. He's always got this big grin on his face when he does it. Clearly, he's absolutely delighted with himself when walking.
  • He's also very into hats right now. He just loves putting stuff on his head. For instance, Émilie's witch hat from last year's Halloween costume. He loves to put it on, and actually gets upset with us when we take it off. Hey, maybe he's trying to start a new trend? :)
  • What else? Saturday night I watched a movie I hadn't seen in about a gazillion years, Lucas. Does anyone remember that movie? Classic '80s flick. Corey Haim? Kerri Green? And a debutante Winona Ryder (who looked so much like myself at that age, I couldn't stop laughing every time she graced the screen - but for geography and talent, you know?). Good times... The next day they were playing another classic '80s film, License to Drive. Made me wonder whether Corey Haim had kicked the bucket or something, but apparently no, the good people at MoviePix were just feeling nostalgic, I guess.
  • I finished Guitar Hero on Medium! I totally kicked arse! I rule!!!! Of course, I can't even finish one song on Hard. Stupid orange button. Grumble grumble...
  • Not buying any yarn sucks. I'm really finding this whole "no yarn until Rhinebeck" thing to be a total bummer. It's completely ridiculous! Even though I don't really knit garments, every once in a while something catches my eye, be it a particular yarn or pattern, and I get an itch. I start to feel the urge to splurge. Never mind the fact that once I've pet the yarn or read the pattern, it'll all get buried in the stash. I still feel that urge. Lately it's for some uber-liscious Malabrigo Silky Wool that Michelle's just put up in her shop. Mmmmm, Malabrigo....
  • I spotted some red shoes on sale at Feet First while on an outing for work this morning that I think I just may have to get. First, they're on sale. Second, they're red. Now who can resist a red shoe that's on sale???
  • In the "It's a Small World After All" category: while listening to my She-Knits podcast this morning (I'm not quite up to date yet, but getting there!), I was delighted to hear Sharon do an interview with Kathleen who I had the opportunity to meet when I was in Japan in March (seen in this picture on the right, reading One Skein Wonders). As a matter of fact, she probably recorded the interview while I was there.
I promised some progress pictures of my Lace Ribbon Scarf last post, so here they are.

I got about 60 inches out of my first skein of Sea Silk (Mmmmmm, Sea Silk). I'm probably going to knit another 40 inches (I likes me a long scarf), and I've got a small project in mind for what's left of the skein (it's for my Secret Pal, it's a secret).

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

That scarf is gorgeous girl! I can't wait to see it done. That's going to be one LONG scarf, lol.

YEY for Maxime walking! Finally!

Rhinebeck's not that far away! I can't wait to go this year.

Amelah said...

Congrats on Max walking!

Nice scarf!!

Sam said...

Ha! Great post - much better than mine (haven't done anything on that front in a while)..
Guess what: I got some Roberto Capucci red shoes at lunchtime today (on sale) and got a matching purse (on sale too)... They are great...

birana said...

Bravo Maxime! Your scarf is very nice and seams very looong! I agree orange button is very hard at 1st, but continue working on it. My boyfriend bough guitare hero aerosmith now and he is waiting for guitar hero 4 this fall. For shoes.. it`s ok, it`s not yarn ;) have a nice WE

Sereknitty said...

Your scarf is looking fabulous! I keep forgetting about that pattern ... I need to revisit it.

Sinéad said...

Yay Maxime! I like the hat craze, he's going to be a fashionista! i bet if he could talk he'd tell you to buys those red shoes! not buying yarn = permission to buy other stuff in my book.
Love you sea silk scarf, what a gorgeous colour!

Jennifer Lori said...

Beautiful scarf!

And YAY Maxime! I'm jealous! Jakob CAN walk, he just chooses not to, and ever since he got sick he's been too lazy to take a single step. But it will come, and we'll complain about chasing after him. Congrats to you!