Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Same Ole, Same Ole

I'm afraid I'm feeling rather uninspired today. Not with my knitting (well maybe just a little). I'm quite content with the projects I've got going, but progress is slow, which makes for poor blog fodder.

Everything just feels rather tedious today. Get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, put kids to bed, knit. I sometimes can't help but wonder: now what? It seems strange that at 32 (which is still pretty young, right?), I've accomplished most of the goals you're "supposed" to. I've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, and sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm supposed to do now? Yes, I know, most of the "biggies" in life are ongoing projects. Marriage takes work, kids need to be raised, blablablaaahh...

The trouble is that I'm just too much of a forward-thinker. I'm not happy unless I'm anticipating or planning for something. So now what?

Knitting has helped fill some of that space (I don't want to say "void", because that would be overstating). You see something pretty, something challenging, something that will take time and occupy your hands and your brain for a little while, and you jump in with complete and utter abandon. For a little while, it becomes your passion.

But when is it enough? What's the difference between buying yarn and buying "stuff"? Is it just another manifestation of consumerism?

I've met new people, made new friends, and had new experiences, all thanks to my knitting. Again, all things I'm thankful for. Still... sometimes I feel like it'll never be enough, my thirst will never be fully quenched. But that's what life is all about, right?

Whew!!! Sorry, the weather must be getting to me! Thankfully, I'll be attending a LavalKnits meeting tonight, which should put me in a better mood. I didn't get to go all through June, and I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody there.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


AliP said...

Isn't being a grown up sucky? Oh the angst! Its not just for kids anymore!!!
When I get all like that I find a trip to the movies or something out of my usual programming is a good rut buster. And maybe you'd be all "Ooooh...New Goal in life!!! Become a sexy gun slinging secret agent spy/assassin.. Wonder where I can take a class on that?"

Sam said...

Well - wait til you hit 40 !!!
When your own kids will find you - oh ! so boring (teenager) - and when you will find that no matter what time goes by...
Not helping you - right !!
Really I believe it is about growing wiser !

Amelah said...

Hey, Robyn's sister here. I know what you mean sometimes, I just finished school, work full time, no kids yet...but atleast with school i had homework, tests, deadlines.

Knitting is awesome, Robyn just taught me February. But I find I rush through my projects, just want it done...and then it is now what? What project do I take on next, then I knit knit knit to get it done..and it is a circle! So I feel ya!

Sinéad said...

One word... va-ca-tion.
That's what keeps me going on the crappy days, planning my trip, what I'm going to do, what I'm going to knit for it etc.

It can feel a bit wasteful, wishing away time until vacation but some days that's all that will do it.

Otherwise, go shopping or maybe sign up for a class in something you would never normally do?

Whatever you decide, feel happy and keep blogging!

Caroline said...

32 is definitely still young! I'll be there in less than two years!

I agree with the commenter who mentionned traveling. Planning trips is so much fun and then you get to discover a new place (and meet new yarn!)

Oh and you can always have a third child... ;)

Jennifer Lori said...

Yup...let's see...have a third child...redecorate the house...plan a huge trip...make some crazy resolution...learn a new skill...go on a reality show... there's still stuff to do out there! :)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

If you had two girls or two boys I'd say try for a third child - but you have a millionaire's family (one of each!) ...! LOL, but I will still tell you to try for a third!

I miss those days when we all had no worries in the world. Remember those days? On the playground/in your yard... ah.... wish I could be back at that age.

Hope to see you Saturday!