Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bad Blogger

I've been wondering all day if it's better to put up a really lame post or no post at all, and decided on the former.

In some sick twist of fate, the kids have decided to get up progressively earlier rather than later during our vacation (Maxime started babbling at about 5:16 AM this morning, and Émilie crawled into our bed at about 5:35). Phil and I are still under the illusion that, being on vacation, we can watch movies in the evenings and go to bed later, because we're "not working" the next day (home with 2 kids = not working? HA!!!). This has left us both utterly exhausted.

Plus, Émilie has decided (rightly so, I guess), that she's "too old" for naps in the afternoon, so we don't get any respite at ALL during the day. Help!!!

And to add insult to injury, I spent the afternoon gardening without applying sunscreen, so I've got a sunburn and a migraine.

There is no knitting content (quick and dirty: I finished the Lace Ribbon Scarf, I cast on Sizzle, I signed up for Mystery Stole 4, and I'm going through lace withdrawal), there are no pictures. Go ahead and say it: this is a sorry excuse for a blog indeed. :)

Have a great evening, everyone. I'm going to crawl into a fetal position and watch The Notebook.


birana said...

oh! it's quite early... I'll try to sleep late ofter as long as I don't have kids. Try to rest and knit a little :)

Amelah said...

Aww I heart the Notebook! I watched it over and over again when it came out on DVD!

I love the part when the kiss in the rain!!!!! Makes my heart melt

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I saw the notebook, thought it was good, but not like my sister, I wont watch it over again. LOL.

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