Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barely Conscious

I don't know how I ever thought that a long weekend was restful. They aren't. Long weekends are like your average, run of the mill DORMA (Day Of Rest My Arse) days, multiplied by three. I wouldn't even be blogging except that Phil is working on a new tail for his kite, so I've got a couple of free minutes. I'd ask for some leeway when it comes to spelling and, you know, coherence, because I'm absolutely, positively knackered.

Huh. You know, now that I think of it, I can't even recall what we did yesterday? Other than groceries, laundry, and all that other stuff working families do on Saturdays. Not a clue. I do remember that we had gone to bed late on Friday night (you know, 'cause it's the weekend?) and then were woken up at 5:15 in the morning by Maxime's increasingly insistent "MaMa!!!"s.

Sigh. I love my kids, but will someone please tell me when they're going to sleep in on weekends? I'm not greedy. I'd like to sleep until 7. Is that too much to ask???

We also hit what we call "disgust overload" as far as clutter and cleanliness were concerned. Disgust Overload is when you've been cruising along, oblivious to the grime and ever-surmounting crap that seems to multiply like bunnies in a house with 2 young kids, and then, all of a sudden, it all hits you at once, and you JUST CAN'T LOOK AT IT ANOTHER STINKIN' MINUTE. This usually happens to one or the other parent. But this Saturday it hit us BOTH at the same time.

So we did some reorganizing, cleared out some toys the kids never play with, organized a couple of closets. Then we took it one step further and looked beyond the furniture and the toys and the stuff, and actually looked at the WALLS.

Dudes. Holes, scratches, cracks. And the baseboards? Ugh. We shan't speak of those. Anyway, Phil whipped up a batch of plaster, plugged in all the holes, and we vowed to repaint all the affected rooms, one room per weekend (which should keep us busy until, oh, Thanksgiving).

So when we got home from the Fête de la Famille this afternoon (and were lucky enough the be able to transfer BOTH kids to their respective beds for a well deserved nap), I trotted myself out to the local deco store and picked up a bucket of paint. I was a woman on a mission, people, and I would NOT be shaken from my goal.

Our downstairs bathroom/laundry room will be going from brown to a lovely pale blue. Am I tired? Yes. But I did discover one thing today: Kids make for excellent slaves ;)

Happy Knitting Everyone! (Not that I actually got to knit today... Grumble, grumble...)


Sinéad said...

You do know it took God 7 days to create the Earth right? Well, he didn't have two kids, a day job and a kite lovin' spouse to deal with, so don't sweat it that you can't do everything in one day!
I'm knackered just reading what you did!
Although, slave kids is a great idea. My fave is the really horrible jobs like matching socks from the washing and dusting *shudder* Not that there's been much dusting here recently. Loving Disgust Overload, I am almost there, but not quite yet. Maybe another week or two.

Jennifer Lori said...

Nice! I'd say "cheap labour" but ha! Since when are kids cheap?

(admit it- that leniency towards the spelling comment was for me, wasn't it?) :)

Alrischa said...

Byron loves sweeping and vacuuming, wiping the table and taking the washing out of the basket and the groceries out of the bags. What a shame he tends to make things worse! Oh well, practice makes perfect.

Why is it that they always say "ma ma ma" in the middle of the night? I'm looking forward to waking them up when they're teens, sleeping in on Saturday, and demanding they get me a coffee. hehe.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Sean's obsessed now with saying "Mommy"... and then I say "Yes, Sean?" and he just says "Mommy" again and it repeats over and over again. Thank heavens it's 8:22 am now (mind you on a Wednesday) and both kids are sleeping. (Though Mack got up at 6:30 am for a feeding).

I hate clutter and disorganization. Gives me anxiety. Though, living with a toddler, I can't get away from it. LOL.

We still have a few cracks and holes to fix up and a few rooms I'd like re-painted, as they "came" with the house that way. And I want new carpets. Yes, next year....!

Good job putting Emilie to work! Can't wait to see her finished masterpiece!

AliP said...

I hit the "walls" last week. It was a case of OH MY GODS THIS IS SO GROSS!!!! and out came a bucket of hot water with washing soda and microfiber cloth. Holy hand marks and I may have possibly scrubbed of a BOOGER! EEEEEW...gag.
And yes, lets us not speak of things like baseboards and their heaters...
Slaves are very good when it comes to some jobs. Oh yes...I have used slaves here as well. LOL

birana said...

Ouf! What a WE you had. I think I slept for you… Doing boxes what easy compare to your days!

Amelah said...

Haha thats what my father keep saying, Why do you think I had kids????

Your kids will probably sleep when they are, oh let's say 18! Good luck until then!!!