Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fibonacci style

In addition to being an obsessive planner, I'm also never satisfied. Perhaps these two aspects of my personality go hand in hand. Whatever the reason may be, it seems that whatever I do, whatever I've accomplished, it's never enough. I can always do more. I was pondering this on my way to work this morning, when it hit me: I live life Fibonacci style (in the Fibonacci sequence, the first and second numbers are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the two previous numbers in the sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on) - thus, the sequence is ever expanding).

For instance, it wasn't enough to sing in a choir. No, I had to volunteer to become a member of the board of directors, then to take on all funding responsibilities, then to make all the music sheet copies... At home, I'm constantly trying out new recipes to become a better cook, when I should really just keep dishing out the same old boring favourites, because most new recipes are met with skepticism (Émilie practically cried when presented with this über-delicious Sausage-Rapini Lasagna, and Phil wasn't that impressed either).

The same can be said of my knitting and stash acquisition. No longer am I a casual knitter who only buys yarn for a specific project, or who knits one project at a time for that matter. No, now I've got a stash and a blog and I'm thinking about spinning and designing and who knows what else!

Phil and I even argue Fibonacci style. Something as mundane as your run-of-the-mill "Is it that much trouble to pick up after yourself?" can quickly escalate into looming divorce if it goes unchecked.

I had ample time to reflect upon this on my loooong drive into work this morning. Yes, you read that correctly. I drove. When I arrived at the metro station, there was an interruption of service on the orange line, between Montmorency and Berri-UQAM stations (wouldn't you know it? EXACTLY where I get on and off), so I had to drive in. On the worst traffic day of the year (Back to School day).

I wish I had pictures of Sizzle to show you, but the finishing is taking me FOREVER. I hate picking up stitches, weaving in ends, seaming, blaaaaahhhh... But since I'm trying to do it all the "right way", it's taking me a really long time. If all goes well, I should finish the first armhole trim tonight. Nevertheless, I've tried it on already and it looks pretty good, if a bit short (I should have added on a few more inches before starting the waist shaping). I'm SO not ripping back though, so I may go through the lovely and talented Jennifer's archives. If memory serves, she had a similar issue when knitting her son Jakob's Superman costume. Help me, Jenni wan Kenobi! You're my only hope! :)

Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to my secret pal. I received my third package in the mail yesterday, and it's awesome!

I got 2 skeins of sock yarn, including this cool, technically-not-a-skein skein of Flat Feet. I'd never heard of this yarn, but the colours are awesome, so I'm looking forward to knitting it up (some day!). Plus some sheep notecards (a knitter can't have too many of those), some great Christmas cards, some Lush products (would you believe I've never tried Lush? Shocking, I know), and last but not least, some hand made items: a lovely scarf knit in beautiful Malabrigo (I love the colours, they're so vibrant! Very me) and a small project pouch.

Thank you Secret Pal! :)

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Anonymous said...

FIRST comment. Aahh. That's nice.
So, if you continue the thought process, GOOD things should also escalate Fibonacci style too. So the challenges should be mitigated by equal rewards. Go Tara. I think you do a grand job.
(and I'm still distressed to think of all that lasagne going unappreciated just across the road - and me not knowing in time to help... :) )

Further thoughts re Fibonacci lifestyle. I think you do not need, at this time, to sign up for courses to become a personal trainer, or purchase a gym. Ok?

Lovely gifts from the secret pal - scarf looks fab.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Loving the flat feet. Super uber jealous! Been dying to try some!

That's too bad about the lasagna. Are they usually not willing to try new things?

Alrischa said...

I can't even put a new ingredient in something without my hubby saying "can't you just stick to the recipe?" hehe. He tells everyone he'll eat anything, but he's as fussy as a princess.

Alrischa said...

BTW, you can undo the bottom and add some length downwards, if you like. Then all you undo is the hemmy bit. Run a thread through all the stitches in one row, first, so you can put your needle in when you've undone the bottom, and then turn it upside down and knit. Did that for one of my old jumpers once.

Or add tassles! lol.

Sinéad said...

You'd think being a computer programmer that I'd get the Fibonacci theory. But no, I'm that rare breed, the non-analytical programmer. Just relax and have fun with your knitting!
Oh, and BTW, next time you make that lasagne, I'm so there. I love anything made with sausages (stop it...)
I hear you about the driving. I have to drive to work every day and school is back tomorrow here so the nervous breakdown can't be far behind. Still, at least my daughter will be suffering along with me so I'll have a moan buddy.
You get the coolest secret pal packages!

Mrhide said...

LOL Sinéad!

Btw, the lasagna was good... just not "crack" worthy. I've been a chief in a previous life and I think I'm one who will taste *anything*. Tara still doesn't like Brussels sprouts...

so there!

Amelah said...

Wow, really nice scarf! Looks good on you! Nice package!!

Trust me, I started off saying...i will buy yarn for the project I want to do and go from there...now i have my own stash and i just started in February 2008!!! LOL you get into fast!!!

Man i probably should learn to cook one of these days lol!!!

Anonymous said...

HEY!! Can I comment twice??
LOVE the new header!!

birana said...

ah!ah! fibonacci.. that's my finance bu add "-" before. Nice package you had and nice scarf too! I love you new banner by the way. It suits you very well. I'm not a rapinni fan.. but i love lasagna ;)

Jennifer Lori said...

I thought I was reading about Yannick and me when you mentioned the fight thing. Whoo boy, tell me about escalations over nothing!

Thanks for the shout out, my child. The knits are easy to fix, they are. (said in my best Yoda voice).

Alrischa is right, and you have 2 options for adding length. Both start with you sliding a needle (slightly smaller than the one you used) through ONE leg of each stitch across an entire row.

Once that's done you can either

a) cut a stitch in the row BELOW the needle. Unpick the yarn across that row, freeing up fake "live" stitches. unravel the now detatched bottom, use that yarn to reknit the bottom, adding as much length as you need.


b) slide another needle in 2 rows below. cut a stitch in the row between the two needles. unpick that row. You will now have live sts that you can work down to add your length, then because the existing bottom is on a needle with freed live sts, you can graft the two together.

Option 2 has less knitting, but a row of grafting. Your call.

p.s. love the new banner!

AliP said...

"Only yarn it is! Uuuum yes! At one with the yarn you must be!"
You must have had the yarn force with you chicklette because your Sizzle was the shizzle (as I said in MY blahg)and since I love saying 'the shizzle" I had to come over here and tell you so. HAHAHA
Love love love the header. Makes me wish I had one and if I did how to apply it.
Uuuummmmm...hmmm...there was something else on the tip o' my brain but its gone now. Dang.
Makes me wish I had a much better mem...oooh look shiny!...