Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dangly Parts

Recently on Facebook I posted that in my next life, I wanted to be the man, even if that meant I had to put up with dangly parts. Phil was away, and I had had a particularly rough evening with the cherubs (Émilie had had a half-our long screaming fit of rage around dinner time and after their bath, Maxime had tripped and hit his head on Émilie's dresser, so hard that he actually passed out for a few seconds - he's fine now). When I got into the office the next morning, I read an email that Phil had sent me from work the previous afternoon, after I had already left. It said that the people he was training were a hoot and a half, they were having a blast, and he was heading off for a bite to eat before hooking up with a pinball friend.


And now, Phil's in Paris, and here I am again, Super Mom, Wonder Woman extraordinaire, holding down the fort. I'm trying very hard not to be bitter. Knitting helps with the not bitter. So does alcohol.

I only mention the Facebook dangly parts thing because a) I think it's funny to use the term "dangly parts" and try to insert it into my daily conversation whenever I can (this also holds true for words like "mosey" and "hootenanny"), and b) it seems that even my knitting lately has had protrusions of one kind or another.

The completed Snowball Hat. I can't believe this was the best picture I took of myself (thanks to all of you who assured me that the pics in the last post were actually kind of cute, you're too kind), but there you go. I'd been standing in the bathroom with Passe-Partout on in the background for about 5 minutes, and I was just goofing off. (Oh, and by the way? I loooooved making the pom pom! The tutorial was very helpful, and I finally got it. The whole thing took about 3 minutes [and alot of yarn! I had no idea pom poms ate up that much yardage!]. Very exciting. Look for more pom poms in my future knitting projects.)

Another project that's got dangly parts is the Fleece Artist Thrum Sock I cast on for on Thursday night.Allright, obviously my thrums are waaaaay too long, right? Because honestly? I'm having trouble believing that any human foot will ever be able to fit in there...

I got gauge. I cast on for the medium size sock. The intended recipient has medium size female feet. It should be fine, and yet I'm really sceptical at this point that it's all going to work out in the end. Oh well, who knew knitting could be such a high risk activity?

What else has been going on here lately? Well, Friday I took the day off. I've been sick for about 2 weeks, and with Phil about to head off again, I figured I should just take a day to try and rest as much as possible before the madness started all over again. I read and knit and watched 2 movies (OK, and I did about 7 loads of laundry). It was bliss (except for the constant coughing, of course). Saturday was spent with the usual running around, doing groceries, taking Émilie to her skating lessons, taking her for a haircut, making food...

Today the kids were up bright and early (at the butt crack of dawn, actually). After breakfast and the usual morning cartoons, we headed out to meet with Auntie Jessica!

She knew Phil was going to be away and graciously offered to come over and help out in any way she could. Since I was desperate to get out of the house, we agreed to meet at the Biodôme at 9:30.
Maxime was quite fascinated by the St-Lawrence Maritime Exhibit.

So was Émilie!

Fun was had, and after a brief panick when Jessica realized her Bird in Hand mittens weren't in her sleeve (a good Samaritan had found them and they were at the front desk), we headed back to the burbs. Jessica and I were able to have a nice long chat while Maxime had his nap and Émilie watched a movie, then it was time to run a few more errands before driving Jessica to the metro and heading home for the night.

So thanks for a lovely day, Jessica! It's always such a pleasure to spend time with you ... :) And don't worry: we're so totally ON for a night of dancing when Phil comes home!

The evening went fairly well, I think. Maxime did his own cooking while I made dinner and Émilie played games on the computer...

See the bumps he has on his head? He took a header off the living room couch yesterday. And he walked into a door right before bed tonight, after this picture was taken. *Sigh*

And now I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of wine and blogging. In short, the kids are alive, the house is still standing... I done good.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Alrischa said...

"The kids are alive, I done good" is my motto, too! Snap. Hehe. Those thrummed socks look fantastic! I can't imagine how you could get warmer feet. Must try that one day...

AliP said...

I see you have posted a picture of your true self! LOL
Poor sweetie, its a bugger being left to single parent for days and nights on end. Been there...still being there but now the kids are older so its easier. When R goes away I call it the "Cereal For Supper" days...hahaha.
The hat looks great and good for you taking a healing day. Also, I love the Biodome. I took the boys when R was away one time, I think last fall, and we loved it. Expensive but so worth it.
Take care of your hootenannying dangly bits babe!

Anonymous said...

Oy Tara! You must have been freaking out when Maxime passed out. I'm so glad he's ok! Jakob came home from daycare Thursday with a bump on his head and a chipped tooth. Fun times!

I think you're doing a great job of holding down the fort at home, and I think it is only fair (required, necessary) that YOU get to take a week away (uh, for work, yeah) and leave Phil with the kids.

p.s. As someone who has knit both the Fleece Artist Thrummed Socks and the FA Thrummed Mittens kit, lemme tell you...those thrums ARE too long! They only need to be about 3" long BEFORE you fold them in half to work the stitch! They can be a little thinner too. Make sure you pull them off instead of cutting (not that it's the end of the world) because the tapered pulled ends will later felt a little faster to the wearer.

I'd preferred the Harlot's thrum FAQ to the instructions that came with the kit:

birana said...

I love you pompon! It's nice and easy. (like the hair coloration ha!ha!) And a though week and WE you're having now! Passe-partout.. I have nice souvenir of that. You thrum socks look nice, for the size it's hard to say on a photo, but they must be so warm!
Your maxime looks veryfunny while "cooking" hi!hi!.
I missed many posts.. I'll try to follow in the future now that more than half boxes are open (dawm boxes!) Have a nice week :) Hope to see you soon.. maybe on nov 26 in Rosemere (to be confirm)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I need more pom poms in my life too! LOL. Cute picture of yourself!

I've been to the biodome recently - had a great time there.

Isn't it nice that Phil's on 'vacation' enjoying himself and you're hard at work. You deserve a break when he gets back - LOL.

Maxime is just like Sean. Sean's the biggest klutz I know. If Sean would have passed out though - I would have called 911. I'd have freaked out.

So can a human foot fit into those thrummed socks??

I've done only thrummed mittens and from the looks of it - your thrums are way too long.

You're doing a great job holding up the fort at home. Pat on the back!