Sunday, November 16, 2008

Normalcy (or the Semblance Thereof)

Phil's back at last, and we're all thrilled to have him home. The kids have barely left his side since he stepped through the door (even before that actually, since Émilie came with me to pick him up at the airport), always wanting him to be the one who reads them their story and puts them to bed. And you know what? That suits me just fine :)

He brought back some chocolate and toys for the kids, and a large botthe of my favourite eau de parfum, by Jean-Paul Gauthier. Very nice.

He also passed by a yarn shop while he was out and about last Tuesday, but alas, it was closed. Still, he took a picture as proof!

And it seems as though there's still hope yet of my making the trip with him next time he has to go. He was originally upposed to go back in early December, but with all the concerts I've got coming up, I just couldn't make it. But apaprently the client is considering pushing back the return visit to early January, which means that, barring unforeseen complications, I could go! It will be our 15 year anniversary in January. Wouldn't it be awesome to spend it together in Paris? *Sigh*

Maxime is slowly on the mend. His stomach is still very sensitive, so we haven't been able to return to a normal diet, and I can tell he's getting a little sick of rice, carrots and bananas. But whenever I give him something different, he has lots of trouble digesting it. Hopefully everything will be sorted out in a few more days.

Have you seen the new Twist Collective? There are quite a few patterns I really like (the Lotus Leaf mittens, Véronik Avery's Mars Hat and Scarf, Zephyr Style's Mary Jane). But the one that's really got my juices going is Broderie by Connie Chang Chinchio. Oh, I heart this one. I think I may even have the appropriate yarn for it in the stash (Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo), but I'm a bit iffy on the colour. It's a beautiful teal, but I'm wondering if a darker colour like that would shroud the patterning?

Allright, I'm off to sit with Phil (who's trying to stay awake long enough for us to watch last week's Heroes) and knit a bit. Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sinéad said...

I'm glad Phil is back and normalcy (of a sort) has returned. Don't you love it when the kids are on a Daddy rush? Enjoy the peace for as long as it lasts!
Broderie is just gorgeous. I don't think a darker colour would affect it too much, I think it would be lovely.
Lucky you, Paris in January (I hope you can get to go). That would be a great anniversary present!

Alrischa said...

I love "Vivian". Saw it on Ysolda's blog first, and then looked up the Twist Collective from there. Sigh. Don't think I could afford the silk/wool, and I'm not skinny enough to look like that in it anyway.

Alas, it's in the queue.

I'm so envious of all the yarn you lot seem to have over there! I just found another local yarn store today, but they hardly have any variety. Noone sells Aran weight, which all the patterns seem to ask for... whinge whinge. I am definitely travelling to Canada some day with a wad of yarn money and an empty suitcase. Will let you know... you can advise me and help me spend it all. lol.

Back to reality. Sigh.

Tripping around the world (esp to Paris for your anniversary!) sounds fantastic! You'll have to take an empty suitcase for French Yarn Ü

Have you started anything with the Cranberry yet?

kate-the-enabler said...

Paris in January - crossing fingers for you :)
Have you blog-posted your concert schedule yet?
And I think the teal would be ok - if anything, I think it might possibly showcase the patterning better - would a swatch tell you?
Glad normalcy is largely achieved and that Maxime is feeling better

Anonymous said...

I love that Phil "proved" to you that he saw a yarn shop. When we have gastro issues my mom used to always feed us the BRAT diet- bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, all foods that help the stomach settle, don't have too much acid, etc. Sometimes we'd even put the applesauce on dry toast and just eat that. Maybe it gives you another option to try for Maxime? I saw V's scarf in person at one of the MKG meetings, it's hard to tell from the photo but it has a really cool shawl collar to make it lie beautifully on the neck.

Mrhide said...

well I didn't make it ... feel asleep!

touché @ kate: Have you blog-posted your concert schedule yet? !!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad to hear that Maxime is feeling better.

hey - in Broderie - the photo of the girl is Karine - a Montreal knitter! LOL. Cool!

Me, I'm loving Sylvi from the new Twist. It calls for Briggs & Little Atlantic, which I carry in stock!

Sereknitty said...

I think the teal yarn would be fab in the Broderie pattern -- I say go for it!

Paris will be wonderful anytime of year and a very romantic place to celebrate your anniversary.