Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inquiring Minds

A few people have mentioned that I've neglected to pimp myself and my upcoming concerts on my blog. Truth be told, I didn't know if I even wanted to mention it (this is a knitting blog, after all), but I don't want to disappoint my fans either ;)

The Ensemble Vocal Universalis will be performing at these fine locations in the next few weeks:

We'll also be performing at a few communities for retired people in the Laval area. So yeah, December is looking pretty busy. Aaaack.

We'll be performing a variety of Christmas pieces from around the world, including the piece Trois Anges (by Augusta Holmès), which will feature a solo by yours truly.

Aaaack. Solos. Come to think of it, forget I mentioned these concerts. Nothing to see here, move it along. :)

I finished my second Miscellaneous-Man Sock, take 2! The trouble is that I've, ahem, misplaced the first sock (I tried the STM lost and found this morning, but no luck), so even though I've knit 2 socks, I don't have a complete pair. I've considered lopping off one of the eventual recipient's feet, so that only having one sock wouldn't pose a problem. But I think in the end I'll probably end up having to buy another ball of Regia Kaffe Fassett Design. Anyway, in the meantime I'm so miffed at the whole situation that the sock is just going to enjoy a time-out for a bit while I work on something else.

Since the sock that shall remain unnamed was my commute knitting, I need a new, relatively no-brainer sock project (so it can't be Fratello yet. Soon Tam!). My grandmother subtly let me know that she wouldn't sneer at a pair of socks for Christmas (read: she grabbed me and said "I WANT SOCKS FOR CHRISTMAS"), so I did some stash-diving last night and came up with this lovely skein of Maggie's Dyed in the Wool Handmade fingering weight.

Now, Phil has been bugging me (excuse me, encouraging me) to design something already. I've knit a sock or two now, so I thought, I can do this, right? Last night I leafed through my one and only stitch dictionary (Barbara Walker's Second Treasury) and chose (wait for it!).... nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm paralyzed by the options, people. I mean, I know what I want the sock to look like, right? But I haven't found the right stitch (maybe I need to get more stitch dictionaries? because I need more options, right?), and frankly I'm not sure that I can be bothered with the swatching and the ripping back and the inevitable headaches that I'm certain come with designing. I just want to knit a sock, you know? Well, two.

Speaking of Christmas knitting, there are 5 weeks left before the big day, and I've already accepted the fact that there's absolutely, positively NO WAY I'm going to be able to knit something for everyone on my list. Particularly if I have such productive knitting nights as yesterday, when after having my brain numbed by Ms Walker, I gave up and watched the last 2 episodes of Heroes without knitting anything (scary, right?).

The bright side is that, in this respect at least, I'm actually ahead of schedule. Usually this realization only dawns on December 24th, at about 11:30 PM.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Anonymous said...

You can do it! If you need extra inspiration, try looking at some of the patterns upside down. :)

Break a leg (vocal cord??) at the concerts!

Alrischa said...

Do you knit your sock up there on stage, as you're singing? lol. Wish I could sing! I can do homebrand playschool songs, but I would not sing on stage! And a solo!!!? [faints at the idea]


I'm actually almost to the heel part of the one sock on two circulars. I'm not used to fingering weight... I'm usually too impatient! But I'm liking the two circs. Think I will get some nice Harmonys in a socky sort of size (2.75mm would be pretty standard, hey?). There's a shop about an hour away that sells them Ü

Can't wait to see what sock you come up with. The sock wool looks nice, so don't make it too complicated (if it's simple, I'll have a go Ü).

As for Christmas, I've given up. Too many people in the family. Can't give presents to some and not others. Might just make something for Nathan, Byron and Jasmine. Especially since Jasmine's pinwheel is done already :D

kate-the-enabler said...

5 WEEKS? When did that happen? Who was in charge and let that slip by. I wanna talk to the manager. (Seriously? 5 weeks? ack)
And you're singing in the CRYPT? How neat is that (just that you can say it. I know it's not a very crypt-y crypt, and is a lovely space.) So shall we all split up so that we can cover all your concerts? Be rowdy, waving socks in progess? (I wouldn't, I swear).

Fascinated to see how the designing pans out. That Philippe has good ideas. Confident on your behalf. :)

Mrhide said...

You know Offenback actually made a concert (une messe des mort actually) in that very Crypt-y Crypt!

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow very cool about your upcoming concerts!!
and happy sock knitting- I hope the missing one turns up...! Our pup has taken to swiping socks and hiding them in her bed, especially mine, little bugger!

Sinéad said...

So you're famous now, eh? Don't forget us lowly knitters when you hit the big time as a singer...
I hate that you've lost a sock, I would freak. All that time wasted!
Don't give up on designing a pattern. i've been hankering to do this for ages too but just can't seem to come up with a stitch I like either. Inspiration will come!
BTW, that's yummy yarn for the socks, really buttery.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Holy crap - 5 weeks til Xmas? How did that happen? That means Sean turns 2 in 5 weeks. AHHHHHHH! (the 28th!)

Love the yellow!

That's neat about the concerts - none in the west island??!

Sam said...

Try the Froot Loops sock on which i believe looks absolutely fabulous on that kind of semi-solids variegated yarn (I am actually knitting it myself) along with 2000 other things...