Monday, December 8, 2008

Here We Go Again

My stomach did not calm down. I'll spare you the deets, but suffice it to say that Saturday night was NOT spent with Phil and I worshiping each other, but rather with each of us taking turns bowing in front of the porcelain altar. Ugh.

Luckily (or not, depending on one's perspective), I was "less sick" than Phil. I only threw up once to his 5 times (What is with men? Why are they so competitive?), so I got to take care of everybody and everything on Sunday. To his credit (he really WAS sick) Phil did take care of Émilie during Maxime's nap time, so I was able to get a nice nap myself, and then later on that afternoon, he watched both kids watch a movie while I frantically tried to pull 5 meals out of my *cough* hat in under an hour.

Why so many meals? Why, because Phil's off on another business trip this week, of course! I tell you, it's like they KNOW when he's going to be away. Bing! Daddy's leaving, time to get sick! *Sigh* Oh well, no sense harping on it (it may be too late now).

Today I went to the office in the morning, then after going to the gym I left work early to head back to Laval, voted (we're having our Provincial general elections here today), and picked up the kids for Maxime's 18-month vaccinations. The whole way, I kept reassuring Émilie that No, she was not going to get a vaccination today. Then when I get there, the nurse offers to do both kids' flu-shots, right then and there. Um.... Sorry Émilie! Looks like Mommy's a big fat liar! Remember this forever!

OK, on to knitting. First and foremost, I finished the first yellow sock!

Very happy with it, it's looking great, my grandmother is going to love it. I cast on the second sock last night while watching Nature, but I've decided to suck it up and only work on the second Thrum Sock until it's finished, so I can officially have a gift "pile" rather than just "a gift". I figured out what my problem with the thrum socks is, by the way. It's the thrumming! I just want to knit, you know? Having to stop every 5 rows and work a thrum into every 4th stitch gets awfully tedious after a while.

Also, keeping with my promise to rub more yarn on this blog, here's a shot of the last Rockin' Sock Club shipment of 2008. I don't think I'm spoiling anybody at this point (I mean, the Harlot already knit her pair, for Pete's sake), but still. Avert your eyes if your postman is Christy Brown (oooooh, bad joke, sorry).

Leave it to Blue Moon to send a really great yarn with the final package, just when I'm debating whether or not to renew my membership for 2009! I really like the colours, it's in their mediumweight yarn, which I love, and the pattern is by the lovely and talented Ann Hanson, who I happen to know personally (HA! If she's reading, I hope she gets a kick out of that!).

Yeah, I don't know if I'm going to renew next year. First, I've only knit 2 of this year's 6 shipments. Second (and this might seem like a "duh" moment to most of you), it's kind of bugging me that every shipment is Socks that Rock yarn! I'd like to be in a club with different yarns and designers for each shipment (yes Robyn, I know that's exactly what you do in your club). Plus (and this is the clencher), as Sinéad pointed out to me this weekend after looking through my stash on Ravelry, I've got A LOT of sock yarn already, and reaaaaallly nice yarn to boot. Maybe I should give this whole "sock club" thing a rest?

I still like the idea of a club, though. Getting yarn in the mail out of the blue like that, even if you're the one who paid for it, I don't know... It feels like a present, like it's Christmas all year. I was thinking of joining a lace club, something like Woolgirl's Embrace the Lace club, but dudes! It's 455$. I'm sure it's totally worth it, they've got a great lineup of yarns and designers, but still... 455$!!!!!! Aaaaack! Too rich for my blood. Anybody have any other suggestions? My mom keeps bugging me to send her my wish list...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


AliP said...

Know what? We should start a MITTEN CLUB!! Worsted, chunky, sport weights...mittens do it all! Plus you can work in some serious intarsia.
We'll make MEEELIONS I tell ya!

Michelle said...

that str yarn looks like the archangel from's stunning! Makes me wish I was in the club this year.
I love clubs...lately I have only been in fiber clubs...

Sinéad said...

Oh no! Have I become a de-enabler?? I really hope not, stash is a girls best friend...
I'd love to join a sock club, but postage makes it really expensive for me. So carry on and let me lust from afar!
Hope everything goes well for you while Phil is away.

Mrhide said...

here's an idea: Start a club with your stash!! seriously! there's PLENTY TO CHOOSE FROM!!

Alrischa said...

Are you sure he wasn't faking those "5 times" so he could stay in bed a bit more? (that's what I'd do Ü) hehe.

You can't have too much sock yarn, but at the same time, it's a little bit sad when you don't have time to use the gorgeous bits of stash. At least, whatever you decide, you'll never get through all your sock yarn! It'll find a way to multiply on its own Ü

Anonymous said...

You can just have your mom send ME the money, and then you can come root through my stash once a month. How does that sound? No? Aww.

I really hope you guys feel better soon, and that at some point the hubby gives YOU a break while he watches the kids for a week or two. Even if you don't go anywhere but lie on the couch all day eating bonbons, knitting and watching that white guy with the afro who paints landscapes. 'Cus...that's what we do, right?

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Hope you feel better too.

I know 455$ US is like 600$+ Canadian. NOT WORTH IT....!

Sereknitty said...

Ooooh, that yarn is fabulous! I wouldn't knit socks with it, though -- I think it would look amazing in the Alhambra Scarf pattern -- perfect, don't you think ...considering Anne Hanson designed both the yarn and the pattern?