Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who Doesn't Love A Parade?

Phil is back, thank goodness. He was able to drive back despite the snow we had on Friday, and we were all very happy to see him. Maxime wouldn't leave his lap all evening, and Émilie has insisted on playing exclusively with him all day. Hey, I won't complain, I needed the rest!

This afternoon I went over to Robyn's and raided her yarn closet. Christmas has gone and snucked up on me again, and I figured I would change my strategy this year and attempt to knit smaller (yet no less special or valuable!) projects for my loved ones, so I can get as many finished objects under my proverbial belt before December 25th. I decided to focus on hats this year, but my stash is sadly, um, understashed in the Worsted department. So off to Robyn's Nest I went.

This here's my loot.Dream in Color Classy (Man, I love this yarn!) in (clockwise from top): Deep Sea Flower (my favourite), Midnight Derby and Dusky Aurora. Nice, solid colours. I also fondled some Ruby River while there (soooooooo beautiful), but managed to pull myself away before I embarrassed myself (I hope).3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, colour 8.

One of those skeins will be paired with this skein of Cascade 220 to make a Turn a Square Hat. The other 2 I bought to make a Noro Striped Scarf to go with it (but after Christmas, that totally goes without saying).One skein of Noro Silk Garden, colour 258. I wanted 2 skeins of this colourway, but this was all Robyn had left. I'm not worried, I found a cute hat pattern in One-Skein Wonders that knits up great in this colourway.

I also finally got my hands on some Biscotte Go Habs Go yarn this week! Score!!!!

My stepdad is a huge Habs fan, so I'm really hoping I can knit him up a pair of plain stockinette socks in this yarn by Chritsmas. He'd like that.

So there you have it! Lots of lovely new yarn that I can't wait to play with. I bought a bunch of patterns last night (more on that next time), and while stash diving for the Cascade 220, I stumbled on 2 more yarns I can use, which means I've got the yarn for 7 hats, I think.

Ah, the perils of stash diving. Does that ever happen to you? You'll be going into the stash, looking for that specific skein of sock yarn, and then you spend an hour looking through your bins, going "Oh!!!! I forgot about this yarn!!!". Sheesh...

Anyway, I really can't wait to get started. All I need to do now is, you guessed it, finished the dreaded trum sock of doom.

Happy Knitting Everyone! I've got a date with some roving.


kate-the-enabler said...

I've been so naughty lately, lurking, gobbling up your blog entries without commenting. Sorry about that.
Welcome home Philippe. I was so glad to see your car in the driveway when I woke up this morning (hmm. That sounds funny somehow - sort of stalker-ish. Sorry about that, too.)
What GLORIOUS yarn. I want some now too (who am I kidding, I wanted some BEFORE you posted - it's just worse now. I want the Noro too, especially)
And yes, stash diving (even in my wee wee tiny leetle stash) is dangerous. All I want to do right now is cast on my Seasilk. I took it out the other day and 'forgot' to put it back.
Cannot wait to see what patterns you bought.
Good post. Perked me right up.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Tell Kate she can come see Noro & DIC Classy anytime!

I think your Go Habs Go is WAY darker than mine. I'm curious to compare actually. When you mentioned it today, I didn't think anything of it. But seeing yours, I should have pulled mine out. I wonder if it's on a different base? That could do it. Hmph!

I went stash organizing the other day and found stuff I was hoarding, I was like "wow, I forgot I had this! Score!"

It was great to see you today!

Sereknitty said...

Glad to hear that hubby is back and that you've been stash lurking. Nice haul! Can't wait to see the hats -- I'm sooooo done with Tudora -- I think I'll move onto some hats as well. It's snowing here today -- shocker! It actually feels colder here, than in Winnipeg, which was -26C, thank you very much! It's likely 'cause we're not as dry. Thank goodness for my down coat, which rarely sees the light of day here, but was much appreciated when the temps plummeted!

Amelah said...

It's abd for the wallet knowing Robyn eh LOL! Imagine, she is my sister!!! My wallet hates her LMAO :) Nice addition to the stash!!!

I love the Go Habs GO that you two have..may look into getting me some!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Nice yarn! Robyn's gotta get a van that opens up like one of those mobile canteens...imagine a LYS that comes to you!

Stash diving can be dangerous when you have other projects in the works. It's too easy to think "oh I can cast on for this already since I already have the yarn" and then you start thinking of what you can knit with it...especially when your stash is...uh...sizable.