Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rub Some Yarn on It

A while back I was listening to an interview with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on a knitting Podcast (this was back before my morning transit was spent with me holding The Book in a death-grip, barely pausing to blink). She was talking about how she wasn't really writing about knitting, but about life. All she was doing was rubbing some yarn on it, and we were none the wiser.

I realized today that most of my posts of late have been about my life, my family, and all the trivial stuff that fills up most of our days. Since this is supposed to be a knitting blog, I figured it was high time I rubbed some yarn on it!

My grandmother's socks. I'm enjoying this knit, it's simple yet elegant. And I hadn't realized how much I missed gussets! The last few pairs Iève knit have all been with short-row heels. So clever, so fun. Sleek and stylish. Let's give it another gander, shall we?


The thrum socks are still on a time-out. I really need to devise some kind of incentive program to get that second sock done. As it is, I keep thinking "I'll work on that tomorrow".

As for the Pacific Islands stole? I'm still enjoying it, the only trouble is that it's slooooooooow. I've got a theory about this project's frustrating lack of progress. Bear with me, this is still a theory, but I think that it might (maybe!) have something to do with the fact that I'm not actually devoting any knitting time to it.

Yeah, I've been pretty much ignoring it of late. And with Christmas breathing down my neck (this is sort of supposed to be a gift for my mother-in-law), I find myself wanting to knit other projects, like the yellow socks. You know, something I've got a chance in Hell of finishing on time.

Sheesh, I'm really dropping the ball on the whole "handknits as gifts" thing this year. It's like I've got knitting ADD coupled with an overwhelming sense of apathy.

Naturally, I began to wonder if the solution to this problem would be to cast on yet another project (I know! Crazy, right?). Something quick, something doable. Hats! Hats are awesome, they only take a few hours, maybe 3 evenings' worth of knitting and you've got a finished object!

I really like Gretel, and my MIL (who apparently won't be getting a lace stole this year) would look great in it. But which yarn to use? Contrary to popular belief, I have very little worsted/aran weight in the stash. I briefly considered using this yarn, Briar Rose Wistful I bought at Rhinebeck this year)

But it's no good, see. Firstly, these aren't her colours. And second? They're MINE. If anyone's getting a hat out of that yarn, it's going to be ME!

Hmmm, maybe I'll pop over to see Alison at Effiloché this weekend...

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sinéad said...

yum socks, really gorgeous. The pattern suits the color perfectly.

hahaha off you go to the yarn store becuase you have NOTHING in your stash suitable for MILs hat. hahaha
Although, I can understand your reluctance to use the Briar Rose. It's too yum, has to be a ME knit.

Mrhide said...

ha ha ha indeed ... I DONT THINK SO LADY!! MY CLOSET IS ALREADY FULL OF *YOUR* STUFF! ( and under my side of the bed... and ma table de nuit...and in the stairs... in on top of of glasses thingy...and the bathroom ...and...)

Do *I* take that much space in the house?!



Sorry dear! :>

Anonymous said...

You know...a few strands of sock yarn would equal a worsted/aran weight...

I'm jus' sayin'.

Caroline said...

Oh, we have to meet if you go to Effiloché!

Except I'm not going to be here Saturday. Poo. Let me know if you go on Friday or Sunday!

AliP said...

Friday nights are knit nights...just sayin'....

Alrischa said...

I love those yellow socks! Just looking at them makes me happy. Sigh.

(I have traded Byron for a different son this week, one who is cutting molars. I need things like yellow socks to look at, so thanks! Ü)

I'm finding I have the same problem with aran... it's not that easy to find in Australia, but all the patterns seem to require it. Grrr!