Saturday, May 16, 2009

Domestic bliss?

It seems to me that other people's blogs have lovely pictures of gardens in bloom, children laughing and playing, mouth-watering food, and yarn. Do let us not forget yarn. Most knit blogs have actual knitting content. Well, if that's what you were hoping for with today's post: Git along, little doggy.

I haven't got any pictures of the garden. The weather has been awful, and even if it weren't, my garden is still in such awful shape that I'd never dream of subjecting it to a photo shoot.

I have children, and they do on occasion laugh and play, sometimes even with each other, but I never seem to have my wits about me to take a picture...

Oh wait, I've got this one, taken a few days ago, on Maxime's birthday. Émilie is becoming quite the little poser, isn't she?
Mouth-watering food? Ummmm.... how about a shot of the giant pot-o-spaghetti sauce I made today. Does that count?

Or wait, a preview of mouth-watering food to come. I picked up my new 7-quart Slow Cooker today.

For those of you used to the metric system, 7 quarts translates to "Holy Crap, that's a big damn slow cooker!!!!".

I'm late to get on the slow cooker band wagon, but I've gotten a few recipes from friends (I'm going to try your meatballs this week, Kerry!), and I figured it was time. Besides, I was able to get this baby with my HBC Rewards points. Sweeeeet...

As for yarn... well you're fresh out of luck. No new yarn in the house, not much knitting progress to report either. I'm working on it.

Phil got home from Paris last night, and we're all happy to have him home. We're having Maxime's official birthday BBQ-bash tomorrow, so let's hope the weather cooperates! I don't mind if it's on the cooler side, but please, no rain!!!

OK, Phil's waiting for me so we can watch the finale of Lost. I'm not spoiled, but from what I've read, it was quite the episode! Hmmm, perhaps I won't work on anything too complex tonight.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sinéad said...

I like the look of that spaghetti sauce. I love me some spaghetti and nice crispy bread. I've never used a slow cooker before, they're not really sold over here. Lovely picture of Émilie & Maxime. Hope the weather was ok for the BBQ!

Sereknitty said...

That it some mother of a crock pot! Mine looks like a midget next to yours. Enjoy your meatballs!

Sam said...

I have got a couple of good slow cooker recipe if you want...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I will send you along my face slow cooker recipe too. I haven't used my slow cooker in a while (once I lose the last 6 lbs I totally will start using it again, and will make my Step-MIL's meat sauce recipe (Right now I'm not really mixing starch with protein hence no meat sauce on my pasta)... But come June I should be able to get things back to normal-ish in that department!)

Gorgeous crock pot though. I wonder how big mine is.

Hope you get your knitting mojo back soon!