Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures or Prose

I'm looking at last night's post, and realizing that, while it's well-endowed in terms of pictures, the prose is a little on the light side. Sorry about that, I was anxious to just sit back and relax, I guess. I didn't even knit last night! I just set myself up on the couch with the laptop and tried to get caught up on the blogs I read while Phil worked on his newest kite. It was nice to have an evening without the TV on, just listening to music and letting time do it's thing.

You know, over the past few months I've had the urge to knit some mittens. Mittens requiring colourwork. Specifically, mittens from the Selbuvotter book, or maybe the Latvian mittens book. (Ooooh baby, scandinavian knitting. Skürdy hürdy gürdy).

There are several reasons why I haven't thus far.

1 - It's Spring, ergo the weather will be getting warmer and there will be no need for mittens.

This argument is flawed because while it may technically be Spring, it's still incredibly cold. Stereotypically cold in fact. As in, this is what the rest of the world thinks Canada Springs are like, if we even get one at all : wet and cold and grey and yucky.

The argument is also flawed, because while glorious summer may be just around the corner (we DO have a glorious summer, and it WILL come, damnit!), it doesn't in fact last all that long, and Old Man Winter will be rearing his frosty nose soon enough. Might as well be prepared.

2 - I have no suitable yarn for knitting mittens.

This may be hard to believe, but I don't have the right yarn for the kind of mittens I want to knit. No REALLY (You in the back! Stop that laughing!). I have practically nothing in the way of fingering weight (or worsted, for that matter) solids. I've convinced myself that what I really need are the KnitPicks Palette samplers, and as they're currently unavailable to order, I'm out of luck. Besides, the whole issue is moot anyway, as I'm currently on a yarn diet. Ahem!

3 - Even if I didn't want to knit colourwork, I still don't have a generic "mitten pattern" in my library.

There's no getting around this one: I need to get Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. Hmmm, perhaps with the afore-mentioned Palette samplers? Except I won't be ordering those. Right. I forgot.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Hmmm...perhaps I could place a needle order which accidentally included the abovementioned book and yarn, which I would subsequently have no real need for....and you could come to my rescue by taking them off my sad little hands....
Does that get around the problem ;)
The fratello socks look gorgeous (ably modelled too, by gum!)
Not to mention THAT cake pic - one can practically taste the picture..

Sinéad said...

Kate's plan is genious in its simplicity. I'd jump on it if I were you. BTW, Skurdy hurdy gurdy? I laughed my head off thinking of the chef from the muppet show! (I'm weird. It's ok)

Sam said...

Elizabeth Zimmerman had a cute one (Norwegian inspired one) which I have done - well one mitt almost completed and one uf

Ali P said...

I LOVE THAT BOOK. Its the bomb when you want to just whip up something...well...generic but with your own flair added. I love both Handy book and would not part with them for a million skeins of wool. Unless it was to then be able to get autographed copies from the Divine Madame Budd's own talented recieving a benediction.....(drifts off into a revery...)
Do you have Selbuvotter? I can give you my copy for awhile. I just don't have the attentionspan for the mitte..OOH shiny!

Ali P said...

Oh I forgot..
Skury Hurdy Gurdy WITH umlauts!? Awesome wrapped in Teeheehee.
Bork Bork Bork!

birana said...

Mittens.. sounds good! An sampler palette look very nice too, but no stash.. sure?

jeloca said...

I'm crazy behind but
1. Happy mother's day!
2. Happy Birthday Maxime!
3. How sweet is Chris to send you over a Mother's Day plate? Can he teach Yannick a few things?
4. You don't have...enough...yarn? *cough* Oh, SOLID yarn, my mistake. Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuuure. :)

p.s. I don't remember how much shipping was, but Maaike and I were also thinking of placing an order through Knitpicks maybe. I'd offer to combine shipping if the pickup/delivery of said stuff would entice you and your enabler to head out to the West Island sometime...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your birthday is coming up, what if you asked for the Knitpicks yarn sampler for your birthday? :)

And to comment on Jenn's comment, you are coming to the west island, for Mack's party - and I'm hoping you come out to Knit In Public Day??

I want to knit some mittens too... but it's not mitt knitting season I dont think.