Friday, May 1, 2009

Randon Friday

Phil left for the Pinball Wizards convention this morning. The kids are finally in bed, and I'm completely exhausted. I had coffee with an old friend last night, and while it was wonderful to see her again, it was most definitely NOT a good idea to have a Grande Latte at past 8 in the evening. I didn't fall asleep until past midnight, and now I'm just... what was I saying?

No exciting knitting content, I'm afraid. The sock is longer, Colette is longer, blah-di-blah-blah... I'm feeling a mad urge to crochet a Babette blanket (thank GOD the KnitPicks Palette samplers appear to be unavailable right now!), and to knit lace, preferable with HandMaiden SeaSilk... But I'm being good. Knit knit knit.

In lieu of fascinating blog fodder, let's have a Random Friday post, shall we? 5 off the top, here we go (it was originally 10, but I stalled out after number 6):

  1. I can't keep living a lie, so I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't like Boréal Blanche beer. I like the Rousse and the Blonde, but not the Blanche. It tastes like medicine.
  2. Émilie named her hampster Albert. The poor thing has been dropped, squeezed, kissed and loved, and has seen his life flash before his eyes on countless occasions this past week. If this is karma at work, I gotta say: Payback is a beotch.
  3. In an attempt to cut my spending, I'm considering dyeing my hair myself this weekend. From dye bought at the pharmacy. Out of a box. By Myself. This may not be a big deal to most, but since I've always had a colorist do it at the salon, this is HUGE.
  4. I am 8 episodes behind on Bones. This can't be allowed to continue.
  5. I've been re-reading favourite books lately. I read Twilight and New Moon again, but as I'm waiting on someone (*cough* Kate *cough*) to finish Eclipse, I started another old favourite, As it is in Heaven, by Niall Williams. Every sentence deserves to be savoured, like candy.
OK, I've got a date with David Boreanaz, people, so I'm going to call it a night. I'll end this post with a random picture taken from Flickr. I typed in the word "Friday", and this was my favourite of the results on the first page.

Day 160: FUTAB Blue Friday, by jeneyepher.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Alrischa said...

I'm on "Eclipse", too, but I'm sharing it with my hubby. It's driving me nuts. Whenever he's home (and could look after the kids while I read) he's READING IT.

I suppose that's fair, since I've already read it. He keeps telling me "This is such a chick-flick book" (lol) but then he tells his friend it's one of the best books he's read for ages. hehe.

I saw Wolverine today. Great movie, esp if you like HJ. Byron calls him New Quackman. hehe.

Must knit some more, too. I feel like I'm adding length to each thing, but not getting anything "done". It's a bit unsatisfying.

Sereknitty said...

I know you love HM silk ... do you ever find that there are lots of little fluff bits mixed in? I nearly bought some when I was at Ram in Dec., but the fluff put me off.

Re: colouring your own hair bit. In a previous cost saving attempt, I have also endeavoured to do my own hair. It's been my personal experience that if you're using permanent dye, there are challenges, especially if your hair is not super short and layered. It's all good the first time, because with permanent dyes, you use it all over your head, the 1st time only. Thereafter, only the roots get touched up, to avoid further darkening of the remaining length. Short of a 3-way mirror, contortionist skills, or a willing husband, friend, etc., the crown and back of head become very challenging.

I quickly came to the conclusion that:
a) I'm anal about my hair and
b) there was definitely somewhere else where I could cut costs, something I didn't have to look at it on a daily basis!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I haven't touched my hair color since before I met Jamie (June will be 7 yrs). I am pretty sure the last time I dyed it was the year before, so 8 yrs ago. Though, I'vbe cut it plenty! I guess maybe once the grey's come in, I'll start dying, eh?

I'm 15 hours behind on Celebrity Apprentice, about 18 hours behind on Damages, and 3 hours behind on Survivor. (All stuff I watch with Jamie). Though, I'm 4 hours behind on CSI (Las Vegas) which I watch myself, and about 3-4 weeks of Oprah. Who has time to watch TV anymore? Seriously? At least when shows end in May, we'll have stuff on our PVR to keep us going all summer! That's how I see it! (Though, I'm fully caught up on Bones!) Had to get my Boreanaz fix.

Sinéad said...

I must join in the Twilight revolution. I feel so left out *sniff* Hope the hair dyeing went ok!

birana said...

Interesting revelation… I actually don’t like bear taste…. Si white, blonde of black doesn’t change anything. An Poor Albert! Love is sometimes pure and cruel from kids! Hummm sea silk.. I went at effiloche 2 Fridays ago and couldn’t resist their brand new shipment! Hope you had a good WE.. Monday again!