Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finish Line

I am very close to completing Colette. Very. Close. One more sleeve to go, plus all the ends to weave in, and then I'll be on the lookout for another project. I remember being miffed about this sweater, thinking I wouldn't be able to wear it much because it would be too hot (it IS 50% merino, after all). But apparently I needn't have worried, nothing but clouds, rain and balmy 21° highs for the next week. I am SO ready for Summer to get here! Ugh!

I'm pretty sure I'll have enough yarn left over from this project to knit the Sculptured Lace Scarf from the Spring 2009 IK (maybe not right this minute though!). We'll see if any of the men in my life can handle a little lace.

Speaking of lace, being so close to the finish line, I'm free to start thinking about my next project. I'm thinking lace, probably Anne Hanson's Hamsa. I won this package at the Ravelry party draw at Rhinebeck last year, and the colours are really speaking to me lately (see above reference to icky, grey and rainy weather). Plus it's part of her "Little Nothings" collection, so it should be a quick knit.

In non-knitting-related news, I signed up for the 10km running event of the Montreal Marathon in September! I've been thinking about it for a few weeks, and finally yesterday I just decided "Stop daydreaming about what you want and MAKE IT HAPPEN!". I'm super excited about this, I think it's going to be awesome. Of course, now I need to... you know... start running!

I haven't trained for anything even remotely like this since high school! But I figured with the Curves workouts and the weekly boxing lessons, I can't be THAT out of shape, right? A colleague of mine from work who runs the half-marathon every year is going to write up a training regimen for me, I'm really anxious to see what's involved!

Preparations for my choir's upcoming concerts are really starting in earnest. We've got 2 concerts in senior citizens' homes (on June 22nd and 26th), then 2 concerts as part of the Mondial Choral festival (on June 27th - my birthday! - and June 28th). I've got the only solo performance for those last 2 concert, and I'm a bit nervous, even though I did the same piece last year. It just seems like the pressure is that much higher when I'm the only one that's going to be singled out. Plus our director seems to think I'm this über-soprano or something (I'm really not), and he keeps giving me these pieces with really high, long notes. *Sigh* Well, what's the worst that can happen, right?

Happy Knitting Everyone! I hope to have pictures of a finished object next post!


Sinéad said...

Yay you, signing up for the marathon! You'll be great. Your Colette top is smokin', you look great in it. The colour really suits you.
BTW, June 27th bday? I'm June 22! I think that means we can have a joint long distance Jameson celebration, no?

Sam said...

Bravo, bravo.. j'ai eu ton invitation mais ces temps-ci avec tout ce qui se passe au chapitre personnel, je reste très près de la maison - au détriment de ma fille... On a différents tests dans la semaine du 8 juin et rencontre avec le cardio après cela... mais conjuguer tous ces rendez-vous avec fin d'année scolaire et examens - pas mal tough !

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the marathon! I hope you put up some choir videos again, you sound great!

Alrischa said...

Almost finished? It'd probably take me a month to finish the last sleeve and another month to sew in the ends. lol. Bet you'll have it on, though, next time you post Ü

Sereknitty said...

You've got a lot on your plate, just now -- all good, though! I'm glad you signed up for the marathon -- will be rooting for you from B.C.!

Can't wait to see your finished Colette :)

I'm looking for something to do singing-wise, but so far nothing is grabbing me. Eventually the right thing will come along and I'll know it. I miss it, though.

Caroline said...

I'm so proud of you for trying the 10K! I've always wanted to run and trust me, I try, but I just don't have it in me.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You will do great at your solos in your concerts, I know you can do it!

Wow, a Marathon, cool! Good luck training for that!

Can't wait to see that lace project, those colors are gorgeous!

birana said...

This future project look awsome (especially yarn color!) Congrats for you 10km marathon coming, you’re an athlete! And an artist! Have a nice Mondial choral J