Saturday, May 23, 2009

What happened?

Goodness me, where did the last 3 days go? Work has been crazy, but I won't complain, since I spent the last 3 months complaining about not having anything interesting to do at work. The kids are in fine spirits, Phil's working steadily on his new kite (I'll post pictures when it's done, it's going to be a beaut!), and it looks as though Spring is finally deciding to make an appearance after all.

All in all, I'd say life is good, wouldn't you?

So let's just skip past the last 2 days of the week, and move right to today, shall we? Trust me, you're not missing much, but if you're dying to know, it goes something like this: get up, commute and knit, work, workout during lunch, work, commute and knit, dinner, bath, knit, bed.

Oh wait, I did finish the first of my Vintage Habs socks, though. That's something!

Pretty cool, huh? These will be for some as-yet undetermined Habs fan in my gift giving circle, and I'm hoping to have enough left over when I'm done to make Maxime some light mittens.

OK, moving on to today. As you know (do you know? have I mentioned it on the blog???), Phil and I have started a Muay Thai class with his brother and girlfriend. This week, with the weather being so fine, I got it in my head to bike to the gym (about a 25 minute ride) rather than drive. I mean, I never get out on my bike, and I was really pumped at the idea of getting 2 workouts in one.

It turns out my ride was a little longer than I'd anticipated (I went to an appointment, then to the local mall in Rosemere to have lunch and putz around for an hour, then to the gym, then home). But it felt great! I think I'm going to try doing that every Saturday, maybe even get Phil to come with me next time!

When we got home Phil was bushed, so I played outside with the kids for a bit. We checked on our strawberries:

They're coming along! I haven't had one yet, but Émilie says they're pretty good.

We played with Maxime's birthday loot. He sure loves his new basketball net!

I like it too, mostly because now I can brag about being able to palm a basketball. :)

The weather was so beautiful, we eventually met with the Enabler clan (Kate, her husband Chris (aka Lemondrop), Aidan and Liam) at the park behind their house for some play and summer refreshment (Beer in the park = Yum!)

And that was the day! We came home, had dinner, gave the kids a bath (they were FILTHY!) and put them to bed. Time to relax!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


birana said...

Cool your hab sock. And yes what a WE we had! Should have been 3 days this one too!

Mrhide said...

Nice picture of Maxime :) ... and you too honey !

Sinéad said...

I love the colours of your Habs sock, really summery. Looks like you had lovely weather for the weekend. I can't remember the last time I had beer in the park, it's great fun. Something a little bit mischievous about it, I think. And go you on your bike! That was a good workout.
Lovely photo of Maxime too, he looks quite the basketball star in his cap.

Anonymous said...

Love the sock! And oh my does Maxime look grown up! He's also lost the baby look. He's so cute!

I have got to stop using exclamation marks!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The Habs socks look great. You should have enough leftover for light mittens, I dont see why not.

Who watches the kids while both you and Phil go take that class? It's great you both can go and do that together!

Amelah said...

Go Habs Go! Maybe next year!!