Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tap Tap Tap

Is this thing on?

Wow, it's a good thing I've got this whole blogging thing under control, eh? My last post was - yeee Gads - 9 days ago! I don't think I've ever neglected you this long, I'm sorry. Phil was sick (actually, he was very sick), work was crazy, and I still don't have the hang of the new routine with Émilie in school.

The good news is that Phil seems to be on the mend (knock on wood). Work is finally calming down, and can I get an Amen? The site redesign I was in charge of went online last week, the Web newsletter we launched went online yesterday, and everything seems to be running smoothly.

Émilie is adapting very well to kindergarten and Maxime seems to be adapting well to her absence at daycare. We're still not 100% on the new routine, and it'll probably change again once the homework starts rolling in (yes, she will have homework even though she's only in kindergarten), but we're getting there.

All that to say, things will be getting back to normal shortly. Thanks for sticking with me.

There's a definite crispness to the air lately. Fall is coming, and right on her heels is that frosty bastard, Winter. I'm going to be prepared this year, I tell you. I've vowed that the entire Dear family will be happily clad in handknit mittens, hats and scarves! I've been going through my Ravelry queue and the stash and have already cast on a hat for Émilie, Tretta (Ravlink)by Grumperina. I might also have to pick up the Fall Vogue Kniting, there are a lot of cute hats in there!

The good news is that, at least as far as hats and scarves go, the stash is, um, well endowed enough to provide multiple options, heh. But I'm sadly lacking in the fingering weight solids department, something I really need for the mittens I want to make for myself and my loved ones (Hello Selbuvotter! Do you hear me knockin'?). I had been counting on KnitPicks Palette samplers, but they don't appear to be available on their site anymore. Booooh!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Ali P said...

Instant Mittens were my stash buster last year and I will be making more this year for the boys. Cameron found them nice and warm and Lord knows I have lots of single skeins of worsted in the drawers. And all that Lopi I was planning to use in a rug...that could become felted mittens...
We go through a lot of mittens in a day or so...while some are drying we need others...and some get left at school and in back packs etc etc.
I'm starting to feel some hyperventilatin' coming on...too much mitten knitting needed!

Sinéad said...

Glad to hear Phil is on the mend, Émilie is enjoying school, and that Maxime isn't missing her too much.
The hats in VK are gorgeous alright, definitely plenty of inspiration there.

Anonymous said...

Hope Phil feels better! Glad to hear the kids are doing well at school- must be strange for Maxime to not have Emilie there with him...hadn't thought of that.

I wonder what happened to the Palette're right, it's not listed any more. They're such a friendly company, I wonder if you call to place your order, if they could make one up for you anyways?

Mrhide said...

Thanks for the good words everyone. I was sick one week, felt better for 4 days and then went sick again for 3 days. some kind of infection that took 3 days to fight off and then I wake up with a conjunctivitis of some kind... does that ball of fire is the sky need to be so damn bright?!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Hope Phil feels better soon.

I'm sure you'll get into the swing of things before you know it.

Does Maxime even realize that Emilie is not there during the day? Was it a home daycare or separate classrooms?