Sunday, October 11, 2009


Over the past 3 days, it feels as though all I've done is bake. Zucchini bread using a third of a massive, mutie zuke given to me by my good friend Robyn, chocolate pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cupcakes.

Fall has ARRIVED, people!

I've also been doing quite a bit of knitting, natch. Nothing I can show you yet, sadly. I don't know if I told you I had started a Garter Yoke Cardi? Well, I did, and it's almost done! I'm madly knitting the second sleeve, and I hope to finish it tomorrow evening. Two garments in 2 months! I am on a ROLL, people.

I've got lots of plans for upcoming posts and projects, I had a massive session with my swift and ball winder this week. Stay tuned!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Alrischa said...

I must try pumpking pie one day. Sounds nice. Makes me think of pasties, but one of my knitting friends says they're sweet... Have fun eating it all ;)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

You can probably get a LOT of zucchini bread out of the huge zuke I gave you! LOL. If you end up coming to Rhinebeck, fresh bread for the car ride? Or am I dreaming? LOL

I can smell it from here!

Can't wait to see your Cardigan! You are on a roll!

Sereknitty said...

Gorgeous cupcakes -- especially love the pretty crystal sprinkles! Seriously, I need a recipe for chocolate pumpkin bread ... care to share?

Can't wait to see your garter cardi -- I'm still lovin' mine!