Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hats on parade!!!

I've had Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade" in my head all weekend long, so you'll forgive me for this unoriginal title to today's blog post, heh.

I've got 3 finished hats that I still have yet to share with you, namely Gretel, Marrow Joe and the Sock Monkey Hat. But as I've yet to manage to capture the latter on it's intended recipients' head (he still despises it with all the passion a 2 year-old can muster), you'll just have to settle for the former 2.

First up, Gretel.
Knit with some uber-delicious angora merino handspun my cousin Jessica bought me for my birthday last year. Probably not THE greatest yarn choice for a cabled pattern, but you know what? I don't give a crap. I LOVE this hat, it's so soft and wonderful and feminine... I just wish I could get my hands on more of this yarn! I need a coordinating scarf and mittens :)

*Sigh* Love.

I also finished Woolly Wormhead's Marroe Joe hat, and it's yet to be determined conclusively exactly whose hat this will be...

Now, I originally cast this on with the certainty that I was knitting a hat for Phil. But when he put it on... I don't know... it just didn't seem to be him, you know?

But when *I* put it on... well, what can I say? (let's forget the fact that I've been drooling over this hat since I cast on the first stitches, m'kay?)

Sadly, the fact remains that I knit this hat for a Phil sized noggin', which I don't have... and while this may have made me sad, it also means I get to cast another one on for myself.

It's all good :)

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Damn fine hattage. Bravo.
I think Phil pulls off Marrow Joe JUST FINE (although the expression on his face is pretty priceless.)
Clearly we are falling behind on the hats here chez Enabler.....I'm blocked by the Henry hat...fear and trembling..(but I only have one row and a cast-off on procrastination sock, and then I'm back to the alpaca..)
Really love the way Marrow Joe turned out - the Noro colours are downright enchanting.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great hats hun! I got to see one in person today and it's just lovely.

Love the pics too! Phil did a great job on the photoshoot.

Love the pic of the 2 of you. Very cute.

Where were these pictures taken? Beautiful scenery!

Alrischa said...

Love that Marrow Joe... I just have to run off and see how it's done, now.........

Sereknitty said...

Your Gretel looks fabulous on you! What a perfect fit and totally suits you.

You guys are too cute together!

Ali P said...

You pose with such hattitude!!The Marrow Joe does not suit Phil hat all. You rock it.
Such a pretty couple. Stop it.

birana said...

I recognize the photo shoot place here ;) Nice hats! Gretel look very nice and I would also not care about cables your yarn (after touching it) iS faboulous! And I like Marrow joe colors!

knitspot anne said...

ooooh, a great pair of hats!
the angora/merino yarn looks like new hue handspuns to me; email me for the link. it looks like the yarn i used to kit the tidelines socks . . .

Amelah said...

Cute! You look good in hats! Me on the other hand...not so much!