Thursday, October 15, 2009


First things first: I will not be going to Rhinebeck this year after all. It turns out that Phil's surgery was unsuccessful, the tendon and nerve in his ring finger are still severed, and he's got to have another surgery this afternoon. I am, of course, bummed about missing the trip, but am sad beyond words that he has to go through this painful operation again, and that we have to reset the timer on his recovery time. A month to the day after the original incident, and he's still no closer to being on the mend. That, I think you'll agree, is a big bowl of arse right there.

Despite the No-Rhinebeck thing, life chez Dear is feeling very bountiful in terms of knitting. For instance, I've finished the Garter Yoke Cardigan.

Probably the fastest cardigan I've ever knit, which isn't really saying much since I've knit precisely two adult-sized cardigans in my lifetime, heh. I don't know... I cast on September 17th, and bound off October 12th. That seems pretty fast to me, considering the limited amount of actual knitting time I get in an average day. Knit with Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4 yarn in the Cranberry colourway, I knit this pattern pretty much as written, except I added some shaping to the sleeves.

I suppose it isn't really really finished though, as it's still blocking and I've yet to sew the buttons on. Stay tuned for a proper photo shoot in the near future.

Anyway, I think I might be addicted to this whole knitting cardigans thing. I've already got the next one lined up and ready to go. I'm going to knit the Honeybee Cardigan, using some luscious Malabrigo Sock. Oooh, I can't wait.

It'll have to though, sigh. I've got to knit a few Winter Woollies first, it seems like everyone needs hats, scarves, mittens... In true Knitter form however, I'm kicking off the season of selfless knitting by knitting something for myself, heh. I cast on for a Gretel hat using a beautiful handspun angora-merino blend my cousin gave me for my birthday last year.

And it has to be said: I might just have an orgasm every time I wear this thing. I mean, angora? Oh. My. God. So soft! Oh baby, where have you been all my life? I never knew it could be this way.

Saving the best for last, I received a lovely, thoughtful, package in the mail this week, from my wonderful friend Kerry. I guess she thought I was feeling a little down lately, and decided I needed a pick-me-up.

She sent me a ball of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, and as you can see I've already cast on with it. I mean, look at those colours! Does she know me or what?

Now the yarn is fabulous, but what really knocked my socks off, no pun intended, is the card that came with it, which she made herself.

Thanks so much, Kerry. You really did brighten up my week, and I'm glad to have you as a friend.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Sereknitty said...

Your GYC turned out FAB! What a great job you did -- and it's only your 2nd cardi! Can't wait to see you modelling it. You're really on a roll now, with your 3rd cardi already queued up ... hooked, I'd say!
Glad you're enjoying your prezzy :) Looking forward to seeing your socks!
Tell Phil I'm praying for a positive outcome of his surgery and a full recovery!

Ali P said...

You carigan is beautiful, just like you.

Like Emilie and her hat and mitten sets, ben has been asking "Are you starting my Lopi?" I told him he'll have to wait until after xmas. I took apart his sweater (which was my first ever) and reclaimed about 85% of the red Ultra Alpaca used and will stioll have enough for the new sweater since the original was such a masterpiece in mis-sizing....LOL. He picked out pattern 5 from the Lopi 28 book for his new sweater but I am doing it as a pullover and removing the front cables.
as always, I am blown away by your knit skills, T-Roc. Hugs to you and Phil.

Mrhide said...

well I know what you'll wearing next time we *nudge nudge* say (and wear) no more!! (Tara with the hat and me with...well wait for the next post!! :>)

ps: Operation went ok, seems a little infection frayed the tendon and that's why it didn't she had to pull a little harder to stitch it again (ouch). The nerve was still stitched though.

Sorry about rhinebeck :(

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great Cardigan! Can't wait to see a photoshoot of you wearing it!

Hope Phil's surgery went okay yesterday?? How is he?? When will they know if it was successful? I hope it was!

It's too bad you couldn't come to Rhinebeck. There's always next year, it'll still be there!

Can't wait to see the Honeybee. You chose a great color!

Sinéad said...

Poor Phil, I hope the second surgery has gone well. What a bummer. EDIT: Just read his comment below. Glad to hear it's worked this time, I hope the pain isn't too bad.
Don't worry about Rhinebeck, next year will be extra special as you'll have two years worth to get!
I love your cardigan, it's just gorgeous. The colour is so "you" it's going to look great on.

Oh, and Émilie's hat and mittens are fab! They'll go really well with her school uniform too.

jeloca said...

Glad to hear Phil's second surgery went well, although it sucks about Rheinbeck. Just remember next year that you get to spend twice the money. :) Plus, I'm going next year for the first time, so there's that. LOL

The cardi is gorgeous. I was thinking I'd like to make Cobblestone for myself, but maybe as a pullover, and that's pretty much what you've knit. The color is SO you. And that sock yarn rocks too!