Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching up

I don’t consider myself to be a particularly fast or productive knitter. I think this might have something to do with the amount of time I actually get to knit as opposed to the amount of time I spend thinking about knitting. I mean, when you think of it in those terms, I barely knit at all. So when people tell me I’m fast, I just smile and nod and think they’re entitled to their opinion, heh.

That being said, I’ve got 4 finished objects waiting to be presented on this here blog, so maybe there’s something to this whole “Gosh you’re a fast knitter Tara” thing I’ve been hearing lately.

I admit: I’ve found my knitting mojo over the past few weeks. I’m pattern stalking like never before, and pretty much all I want to do is knit. Naturally, this has led to some modest stash enhancement, all with specific projects in mind (hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it).

Clockwise from top left: Malabrigo Chunky (Indigo); Punta Yarns Merinotwist Hand Paint; Noro Bonbori; Malabrigo Chunky (Amoroso).

Getting back to those finished objects, I finished my Sweetwater Jaywalker socks a few weeks ago.

I had originally intended for these socks to be for me, but through some freak mishap (read: I didn’t swatch for gauge) they turned out slightly too big for my feet. When musing upon this fact after completing the first sock, Phil innocently asked whether I thought they would fit him? And lo and behold, they did. Good, settled, they’d be funky man socks, I was down with that.

Before I go any further, let me just say this: Phil loves these socks. He loved the yarn in the skein, loved the colours, loved the pattern, loved the striping sequence… I’m talking deep, deep love for the sock, people.

And y’all know what happens chez Dear when we really, really love our handknits, don’t you? That’s right, we want to wear them naked.

Happy Knitting Everyone! And thanks to Phil for being such a good sport when I presented this idea to him :)


Knit and Purl Mama said...

OH MY WOW.... I cannot believe that Phil agreed to pose like that and let you blog it.... Jamie would NEVER!!!

Way to go Phil!

Great projects!

I still can't get over......

Sereknitty said...

Dearie me!!! What you don't see on late night knit blogging! My hubby was looking over my shoulder as I was reading your blog and in his typical droll fashion, suggested that since it's so cold in Quebec, Phil might be requiring a third sock???!!!

Sam said...

Ha!!! Ha!! He did it !! We have very funny ideas at our North Shore Knitting Guild !! Way to go Phil, can't wait to meet you in real life.. This just made my day !

Anonymous said...



That's priceless! And nice choice of stuffed animal to use in your strategic placement...that's one happy pussycat LOL

You guys are hysterical.

Caroline said...


I don't know Phil personnally, but I really like him.

Chris won't even pose for my blog clothed! I wouldn't even think of asking him to pose tout nu!

Big Girl Feet said...

LOLOLOL!! Just as long as he doesn't go all Red Hot Chili Peppers with his sock(!) for the next blog pic then it's all good- heehee!

Sinéad said...

!!! I'm speechless. The last thing I expected to see whilst sipping my coffee at my desk. That's cheered me up no end. Thanks Phil, you guys are nuts but in a really good way. :o)

Oh, and love the socks btw.

Ali P said...

MY EYES!!!!!!!!

I think I need to print this off, blow it up and tape it to my wall. Phil The Pin Up Model...mmmmmmmmm....

Alrischa said...

What a good sport Phil is! hehe. And gosh, you're a fast knitter, Tara!

birana said...

oh! It's almost a +18 post!LOL Nice socks... anyway what else can I say... nice shoulders?! LOL! Nice shopping too! Malabrigo chunky: "me like!"

Anonymous said...


Move over Demi Moore!

Tara was in chez Mouliné just before and after this post went up...and it took me awhile to get around to seeing the embedded sock shot Tara had described.

I'm thinkin that just like templates for website pages, there ought to be a posse of naked sock shot posing positions.

Phil's cat's tail gambit is a classic that should spawn plenty of casually coy knitted sock recipients showing off their booty!

'Cheers, Scott