Friday, March 5, 2010

Collective exhale

To all of you who posted your sympathies about the loss of the Dino Hat: I have good news!!! The hat has been FOUND! Apparently it was lurking beneath Emilie's pencil case at school the whole time. She stepped off the bus yesterday afternoon wearing it with a big grin on her face. Yay! I guess I should have known that, if they can find a Selacamp in Madagascar, finding a hat in Rosemere was also possible, heh.

So! My father and I are having a D&D weekend. No, that most emphatically does NOT stand for Dungeons and Dragons, or Drunk & Disorderly. It stands for Dad & Daughter, and it's something we've never done. We've never spent an entire weekend together, just us, alone, in 33 years of knowing each other.

We're meeting somewhere in the middle of our respective lives, and we're going to hang out, laugh, and see where our 2 days take us. I'm looking forward to the quiet, the slower pace, and the SLEEPING! Cannot WAIT for that part, grin.

Naturally, I'm wondering what to pack in terms of knitting. Of course, the obvious choice would be to bring the Honeybee cardigan along. Speaking of which, I think it's high time you got a peek!
The thing is, I've also got a few lingering WIPs that I'd like to get off the needles once and for all. I've never fallen prey to second ANYTHING syndrome, and now I've got not one but TWO single socks looking all forlorn, not to mention the dreaded oven-mitt (aka Citrus Mitten).

All good, sensible choices. And yet... I'm compelled to cast on for something completely new. (I know, you're shocked). This weekend is about enjoying opportunities when they present themselves, so why not say "Screw it" and just knit what I wanna knit? I'm thinking Milkweed, in some lovely Casbah. What do you think?

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Mrhide said...

You're SO gonna be up at 6h00 anyway ! :)

Laura said...

I love the colours on your honeybee cardigan. Gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your D&D weekend :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Have a good time on your Dungeons & Dragons weekend. Ha ha!

I say screw it - cast on something new! And have a beer while you're at it, and then it can be a Dungeons & Dragons & Drunk & Disorderly too!

Are you there already with your dad or do you only leave tomorrow?


Mrhide said...


Alrischa said...

The hat is back! Now you won't have to go to jail for killing anyone ;) (though think of the knitting time there... no, actually, try not to!)

That blue and green is working beautifully with the pattern. Imagine how nice it will look on. I say work on the Honeybee, because I want to see it finished :D

Caroline said...

That Milkweed pattern looks nice! I have a skein of Casbah that I'm saving for the perfect pattern. It's yummy.

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow the honeybee is gorgeous!
I hope you have a wonderful D&D weekend- how cool!

Anonymous said...

That stitch pattern is so cool, and that color will be great on you!

I work with my dad and my husband, so every day is D+D+H. I need 2 days away by myself!!

Sinéad said...

So glad the hat was found, I bet Émilie was delighted.
So how was the weekend? And the Casbah? Hope you had a lovely time with your Dad. And you got some sleep!

Amelah said...

Love the cardigan you are working on! and the colours :)

So you guys are meeting at a hotel? Sounds like fun where ever you go!