Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've reached the magical point on my Honeybee cardigan. You know that point in a WIP when suddenly, it's no longer just another thing on the needles which you're free to casually pick up (or disregard) whenever you feel like it? When it becomes not just a project, but THE project, and you're no longer just knitting but racing to the finish like. Once you reach that point in a given project, even though it's not yet completed, it's gone from a WIP to a finished object in the act of becoming. It's knitterly glory just waiting in the wings.

Sadly, this rush often coincides (in my case, anyway) with leaping before you look, aka knitting ahead before reading the pattern (despite the giant WARNING! READ AHEAD! at the top of the last section - *sigh*). I was positively giddy at the thought of working the shoulder shaping this morning, when I realized that I'd neglected an entire section of sleeve decreases, so I'm tinking away this afternoon. Hence the title of today's post... (the bzzzz-bzzzz of the honeybee backwards - Har dee har har!)

As Spring seemed to be sprunging this week in the Montreal area, yesterday I decided to get to work sorting through the winter woollies that made it through the season, seeing what needed to be washed, repaired or thrown out. As it turns out, my rush to help Winter out the door with a swift kick in the arse is a tad bit premature - they're predicting snow here today, we shan't speak of it. But no matter! Most of the woollies (save a few store bought mittens) seem to be relatively unscathed, and I've only got 2 hats that require my attention.

I've decided that the Struan hat can come out of its time-out. As you'll recall, this was my first attempt at a hat for Phil this year, but after various difficulties with the brim, I set it aside rather than, you know, setting it on fire and dancing a wild jig of joy. I managed to find some plastic canvas during my D&D weekend a few weeks back, so yesterday morning I ripped out the brim and got all my stitches back on the needles. Hopefully, Struan has learned it's lesson and will be more cooperative this time around.

Another hat that needs some attention one I got for Emilie this year. Sort of a gnome looking thing, it originally had cords with tassels at each ear flap, which naturally got ripped off the first day she wore it to school.

Even though it's *gasp* store-bought, it's a perfectly suitable hat, and it matches her snow-suit (which she'll be able to wear again next year) perfectly. I had a look through the stash and found some Cascade 220 Superwash that sort of matches the turquoise line in the hat.

See? I figure I'll just knit a couple of i-cord strings, finish 'em off with some fancy tassels, and that'll put it back in circulation.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Yep, totally snowed on the first day of spring. Not cool. Mother nature is messed in the head.

That is a bummer about the missed section in the sleeves - I can't wait to see your sweater done!

Sinéad said...

The honeybee is looking great; despite the minor setback I think it's going to be a lovely cardigan.
Phils hat should be nice too, I'd forgotten how nice the colour was.
And go you, DIY queen with the matching turquoise to repair Émilie's hat! This proves that having a large(ish) stash is a necessity!

Sereknitty said...

Love the colours of your current knits! Looking forward to seeing a finished honeybee!

Amelah said...

Sweater looks good ! Can not wait to see it finished!