Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something completely different

Today's post will not be as I intended it to be.

I had meant to show you pictures of my Honeybee Cardigan in progress, and to explain how, as deeply smitten as I am with it, I've had to put it aside this week, all in the name of motherly love. I found a perfect hat pattern for my kids, and I have been knitting into the late hours every night. I'm not going for Mother or Knitter of the year, I just wanted to make my kids happy, to make them something I knew they would get a kick out of. I wanted to see their eyes light up when I gave them their Roar Dinosaur Hats.

I started with Emilie's, because she's the REAL dinosaur aficionado. She borrows books on dinosaurs at the library, has dinosaur colouring books, and even has a dinosaur poster on her bedroom wall. Yessiree, folks, this was the hat for her.

You might say I was tempting fate... Anyone who knits for a child knows the risks, right? You knit for them, and it's really a gamble. They don't like it, they won't wear it, they think their friends will make fun of them and call them dorks. It's a crap-shoot.

But this morning was magical, I tell you. I gave her her hat, and she loved it! She put it on right away, wore it at the breakfast table, it was glorious, I tell you.

So glorious I even brought my camera with me when I dropped her off at the bus this morning. I just couldn't resist! Motherly love and Knitterly pride had collided into one, glorious moment, and I was going to document it, damnit.

Throughout the day, I found myself thinking about her reaction this morning, and my heart swelled with joy. Pure, simple joy.

Then right before I left work, Phil sent me a text message. As I read it, my blood curdled in my veins. My smile froze and was quickly replaced by a grimace of sheer horror. I never thought two words could have such a profound impact. This is what I read:

"Lost hat"

R.I.P., Dino Hat. Your time with us was far too short.


Alrischa said...

I laugh in sympathy; I know you understand!

kate-the-enabler said...

You just march her into school, all the way to the lost and found box, and stand over her while she goes through it (and if you can do it on a day when there's a dance after school that she's not allowed to go to, but everyone one else IS going to? That'll be the icing....)
What, therapy? Me? Why would you suggest that?
All joking aside - I'm horrified on your behalf - it was lovely. I'm betting she was pretty upset too. Does she have ANY idea what happened to it?

Sinéad said...

Oh no! That's awful. It was such a lovely hat too. RIP hat, you will be missed.
I bet Émilie was gutted.
Oh, and the Rococo is gorgeous, I absolutely LOVE the colour. I'm a sucker for Autumnal shades.

LavenderStarfish said...

Where did she loose it?

Dad said...

Thou hast forgotten the old knitters rune: "Beware the saurous wrecks!"

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Well I'd also go check the lost & found too, again, even though you said you already did. Maybe it was found after it was last checked.

Also - I'd go see if any other child is wearing it. I'd rip it of their head! I think I'm going to start sewing in my children's name into anything knitted for them.... that's a good idea too :)

RIP Hat. Hope you find it. Freakin' kids. I hope no one stole it.

Kate said...

Oh no that's terrible! We lost a hat at the zoo once and I still lament it.

I hope that it surprises you by turning up! You did such a wonderful job.

Sereknitty said...

Absolutely devastating. Falls in the same category as a non-knitter machine washing a hand knit, 100% wool gift, only to shrink it to the size of Barbie-wear.
My sincere condolences.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I have given you an award on my blog:

Have a nice day!

Big Girl Feet said...

Dang!! Did you find it?
& I gave you an award too!

jeloca said...

We've also got a crazy dino freak here. "That toy isn't a 'dinosaur' mommy, it's a TRICERATOPS." "This one?" "No mommy, that one is a STEGASAURUS". Excuse me. My bad.

That hat is SO cute!

(I'd comment about the loss but I already know you found it).