Saturday, October 23, 2010


I finished October's Hat Trix Thursday last night. I knew I shouldn't, I knew I'd regret it, but I just couldn't resist the allure of the FO and I stayed up until way past my bedtime to finish it.

Now, I've had certain - shall we say - issues with this pattern from the beginning. Issues which I haven't shared with you because... well... I was raised to be a polite, sensitive knitter, and as a rule we don't make any disparaging remarks about independent knitwear designers who are only trying to make a living in a public forum. I love independent knitwear designers. It always makes me feel like a Good Knitter when I purchase one of their patterns. I feel that, by paying my 5$ (or whatever), I'm saying "Good for you, insert-designer-name-here. You're making a living out of something you love. Way to go."

Here's the thing: I bought this pattern when it was only available in hard copy, something that was - frankly - incomprehensible to me. Don't get me wrong, I love hard copy. I buy magazines, books, etc. But when all I want is ONE pattern, I usually prefer the instant gratification convenience of the PDF format. It wasn't available in this case (at the time, I see it's available now), which means I had to pay shipping (and duty) fees on a single page pattern. I was not amused, and in retrospect I suppose I should have just let it go. I mean, it's not like there aren't a zillion hat patterns out there. I should know, I own lots of 'em.

Anyway, when I was ready to cast on and actually read the pattern, it seemed rather.... simplistic. Really, it's just a stockinette slouch with a seed or garter stitch button band. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why I'd felt the urge to spend a not inconsiderable amount of money on such a simple pattern (OK fine, I admit it: I was completely seduced by the absolutely adorable pictures. I'm that gullible.)

Oh well, live and learn, I thought, and don't be so gosh darn impulsive next time (me? impulsive?). The hat is finished, it's cute, and it looks good on me (but so do most hats, heh). When I went to bed that night, I honestly believed that I had come to a place of forgiveness and understanding with regards to Danielle.

Now, Friday morning it was quite cold here in Dear Land. Really, really cold. Like, "there's the taste of snow in the air" kind of cold. Being a Knitter means I have no fear of the cold, for I am prepared. I decided to kick it up a notch in the woolly accessory department. I've been wearing progressively warmer scarves for some time, but that morning was the first time I felt the need to up the ante with a hat. I reached into the hat bin and pulled out the Robin's Egg Blue Hat (Ravlink) I stole re-claimed from Émilie last winter (hey don't look at me like that. The kid is downright careless with her knitwear, and this here's a Malabrigo hat with a vintage button), and that's when I saw it.

It's - basically - the same hat. Sure, the Robin's Egg is a beanie whereas Danielle is a slouch. One is knit up with a Chunky yarn, and the other with a fingering weight. But REALLY? it's the same hat. Same seed-stitch button band, same flap, same stockinette section. It's THE SAME HAT.

I stood there, dumbfounded. Not only had I paid for a pattern that I could have figured out by myself, but I'd paid for a hat I'd basically already knit.

Impulse-control. I need to look into that, me thinks.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

ps: On the off (off, off) chance that Grace Akhrem ever reads this post, I just want to say: it's not you, Grace. The fault is mine. I didn't LOOK at the pattern, I was just smitten by the pictures and hit "Buy Now" before I knew what I was doing (it's a thing I do). I love your patterns. I have quite a few of them in my queue, and I fully intend to knit them (you know... someday).

pps: I have 2 rows to go on the thumb of The Mitten. Victory will be mine.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh no! Danielle looks great though! You really had to pay duty on top of shipping on a 7$ pattern? Usually they only start charging duty on very expensive items, and not something for 7$. Or did you order other stuff at the same time? LOL

Can't wait to see THE mittens done! You can do it!

Chantal B said...

Tu es "pissante"!! NOn... mais ça arrive qu'on achète une pelote similaire à une que l'on a déjà, un patron que l'on a déjà... mais là, tu l'as même déjà tricoté!! Non, mais je me tords! Tu es vraiment trop drôle!!

Caroline said...

Ok so I was curious and went to see the pattern page on Ravelry to see the "adorable" picture you were speaking of and... omg cuteness! Haha. Now I think I want to make one too.

Alrischa said...

I remember feeling silly for even reading the "robins egg blue" pattern when it was so obvious. Funny story, though! It's always nice to know that other people have impulse control, too.

Laurie said...

And...both of these hats are pretty darn similar to the Brattleboro Hat which, luckily, I only bought by way of picking up a copy of Interweave Knits.

Good luck with the mittens!