Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday

I have the attention span of a gnat on methamphetamines today, so a Random Friday post feels appropriate.

  1. We have now entered what I like to call the "Crap Part of Fall" (trademark pending): this occurs when we're no longer amazed by the beautiful transformation of the leaves from green to yellow, red and gold, but rather dismayed that they're falling off the trees and resting in sad, wet brown lumps on the sodden ground. The days are no longer "crisp", they're friggin' cold. I'd look forward to the charm of snow if it weren't for the fact that it won't go away for six months.
  2. I'm predicting the 2010$ for 2010 challenge will be a dismal failure. We're haemorrhaging money at a frightening rate chez Dear (new washer and dryer, new floors in the bedroom, new bedroom furniture), but rather than feel bitter about my lack of savings, I'm choosing to be thankful that I haven't had to resort to selling my children to make ends meet.
  3. Our bedroom furniture still hasn't been delivered. We ordered it on July 15th (that'd be exactly 3 months ago, to the day), and it was supposed to be delivered in "September". When I called them at the end of said month, the nice furniture store lady told me it would be arriving in "Mid-October". Guess what? TODAY'S mid-October, and still not a peep. I'm giving them another week and then I'm going to march over there, kids in tow, and pull a hissy fit the likes of which have rarely been seen.
  4. I think I've figured out the allure of stash/pattern acquisition: I don't get to knit nearly as much as I'd like to. Buying yarn, books, and queuing patterns on Ravelry feels like I am though. It's the illusion of knitting. Coincidentally, this doesn't only happen with knitting, as my husband's collection of pinballs and fabric stash will attest...
  5. Coffee tastes better when it's hot. That which was a glorious elixir of life this morning tasted like swamp water collected during the Crap Part of Fall 2 hours later.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

ps: I've given myself a quota on the mittens. I must work 10 rows a day. As of last night, I have about 35 rows left to go, then the thumb. I can do it.


kate-the-enabler said...

Go YOU with the quota!! Funny how a day like today really begs acquiring (or admiring?) comfort items. I suddenly want to cast on with EVERY YARN that I have in my stash. (who am I kidding. I want to cast on with most of your yarn too.... ;) ) - it'll feel really good to have those mitts done - extra accomplishment points.
I wait with bated breath to hear the result of the hissy fit, should it be necessary. I bet you'll be magnificently intimidating!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Your furniture still hasn't arrived? Ick! I hope it comes soon!

You can totally finish your mittens! I have faith in you!

I hate this weather too - ick!

I hear you on the hemorrhaging money... it's like one thing after another.

Alrischa said...

I miss hot coffee. Something "urgent" always happens when I make myself one, followed by a toddler fight, baby bottle, injury, drink request, nappy change, time out, two stitches of knitting, another nappy, clean up in aisle 12, lunch, oh... my coffee! When did I make that?

Is there a market for children? I wonder how much Casbah you could get for a 3yo...?

Sinéad said...

Yay, you're back to the mittens! I know you can finish them, you are nothing if not persistent :)
And you know you'll feel good when they're done, you can pat yourself on the back for sticking with it.
I can't believe you still don't have your furniture, that's disgraceful. How long does it take to deliver it?? I'd love to be a fly on the wall for the hissy fit, though ;)

sapphireblue said...

It's good to have goals. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Maryse said...

These mittens are beautiful! Good luck with the bedroom furniture! I'm sure it's worth the wait ;-)

Laurie said...

Definitely crap part of fall. Good luck on getting those mittens done! I'm on a project diet, too. We'll see how much I get done before I break down and cast on something new. LOL!