Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As I've gotten older (though not necessarily wiser), like many people I've lost my faith. I'm not talking about Faith in God or organized religion or anything precise like that (that's a discussion I'm SO not going to get into here), I mean my faith in the basic goodness - or rather the unselfishness, the altruism, the capacity to love and care for your fellow human - of people. I try not to make judgments on anyone according to MY standards ('cause really, who the heck am I, anyway?), and of course I like to believe I've surrounded myself with the BEST kind of people... But we're all struggling through the same thing, trying to negociate our way through this crazy maze of maintaining personal relationships, raising children, working, paying bills, etc., etc. It can be hard enough to think of yourself, let alone think of others.

Which is why the response we've received from friends and family, even people we've never met, over the course of this ordeal, has simply overwhelmed me:

  • My beloved Enabler, Kate, made us meals while Phil and I were pulling 30-hour shifts at the hospital;
  • My fab friends Robyn and Jennifer sent care packages for Émilie and Maxime;
  • Caroline sent me a lovely pattern (Sea Princess) for when I get my mojo back;
  • My father drove down on the day of Émilie's surgery to spend the day with us;
  • My online peep Sinéad sent along a fabulous hat for Émilie, a beautiful scarf for me, as well as a book;
  • Phil's employers gave Émilie a PSP (hah! How times have changed from when I got my tonsils out...);
  • Both Phil's and my parents pitched in with baby-sitting services when we were at the hospital and Maxime needed some TLC of his own;
  • And today, we received an incredible painting of Émilie from one of Phil's kiting friends. A lovely man we've met ONCE, and who's never even met Émilie.

That's not counting the flowers, the good wishes, the prayers and good vibes that have made their way to us over the past few weeks. It's been truly wonderful to see how people have responded. And it's paid off! We received the pathologist's report today, and were relieved beyond measure that Émilie's tumour is (was!) benign. Apparently, if you're going to get a brain tumour, hers is the one to get.

So thanks, friends. You've made a believer out of me once more.

Back to knitting content tomorrow!!!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great news about the tumor being benign! So glad to hear!

What a great picture!

Glad to hear that Emilie got her care package in the mail. Just wanted to send a little something to her. Glad to hear you have a great support system around you - you're very blessed. Glad to be considered part of that.


Maryse said...

So glad to hear that Emilie is now fine and that you were all surronded by so much love! I think that you must deserve it!

Chantal Boucher said...

Tellement contente que tout rentre dans l'ordre!! Et c'est dans l'épreuve, et c'est trop plate que ce soit ainsi, qu'on réalise bien des affaires... Une chance que l'épreuve a été, c'est vrai, massive, mais somme toute pas trop longue. Prend soin de toi aussi, maintenant!!

kate-the-enabler said...

You and yours are treasured and cherished, and clearly not only here in the Enabler home. Do you know WHY you are treasured and cherished? Because you, and your family are fun, smart, generous, deeply excellent people, and your qualities as a personal friend are countless.
Did that come out right?
We are so very profoundly happy to hear the pathology results - well done, everyone.

Maaike said...

Hooray! So glad that she's doing better, it must be a releif for you and the rest of the family. Still sending good vibes your way. :-)

Laurie said...

Such happy, happy news for all of you - and all of us who have been holding you in our thoughts and prayers!!!!! I'm so glad you were so well taken care of and loved during this trying time.

All Financial said...
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Tim said...

GOD I AM SO HAPPY I AM BAWLING MY EYES OUT. Hugs to everyone on here and everyone who prayed for and thought about Emilie

~RaenWa~ said...

I am so happy to hear that her tumor was benign that is wonderful news.

I am glad you had people around you to support you & help you all get though this. You all deserve it.

Caroline said...

I do believe that if you're a good person yourself, you are bound to attract good people around you. :)

chudoland said...

Super news! I'm so glad for Emilie.

g-girl said...

that is fantastic news that the tumor was benign!

Tim Landry said...

One more comment on here: When Father Moon announced at Mass this morning that Emilie's tumour was confirmed benign and thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers - the Church was filled with applause - and my eyes were a little damp.

Jennifer said...

x 1000 to what everyone else said, especially KTE. You've got those around you 'cus you deserve it. 'Nuff said. :)

And what amazing news about Mme E. Congratulations! Has she been really aware of what has been going on?