Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm good

Geez, where does the time go, eh? Almost a week since my last post, and nothing really fascinating to show for it, sadly. We're plodding along, trying to get back to a normal routine with Émilie and Maxime, and I find myself preferring to knit in the evenings rather than write about knitting. Go figure.

The latest projects to come off my needles have been, I think, pretty gosh darn sweet. As much as the Knitting Fates can be cruel and ruthless mistresses, they've been good to me with Castlegar and the Non-Cookie KAL Estonian socks. Everytime I think about these projects, I get an infusion of knitterly pride. I really can't wait for you to see. I keep envisioning the fantastic, Brooklyn Tweed-y shots I'm going to take, how fabulous the knitwear will look (not to mention - let's be honest - me). Awesome stuff, people.

Obviously, these "perfect knitwear" shots will require natural light. And a great location. And me looking fit and rested and not having zits on my face. All things that I totally have it in my power to pull off (in theory. The "rested and zitless" thing is a total crapshoot). Except that, for some reason, Phil and I just Could. Not. manage to get our acts together at the same time this weekend. If he was available, I was stepping off the treadmill or coming back from yoga (red, sweaty faced Tara-shots? Gee let me think...). If I was available, he was running out to do the groceries or heading out to go kite-skiing. Stuff like that, only All. Weekend. Long. And despite all my good intensions, turns out that being both the model AND the photographer/artistic director is kinda hard. For instance, this (kinda cool) shot of Castlegar was all I managed by myself. *Sigh*

But fear not! Today's post is going to be all about the WIPs. (Wait, make that the active WIPs. We're not going to discuss projects that are hibernating or in a time-out right now.) I can totally take pictures of those by myself, right?

Imagine my surprise when I only had one WIP to show you. One. One project on the needles right now. I was stunned. I've totally got my knitting mojo back, and yet... only one project? What was up with that?

Then I stopped and actually looked at what I was knitting. Oh.

And the (slightly blurry) reverse, because I know someone's going to want to see all it's floaty glory.

Turns out knitting a Bohus pattern is totally satisfying. That might change when I'm knitting the simple scarf to go with the hat, but for now? I'm good.

Happy Knitting, Everyone!


Maryse said...

Je pensais enfin pouvoir voir ce fameux Castelgar... Chaque chose en son temps, comme on dit!

Chantal Boucher said...

...Et quoi qu'il en soit, n'est-ce pas merveilleux que la vie reprenne juste son cours normal?! Trop hâte de voir ce cardi avec ses fines fines mailles, que de patience...! Le projet aux mille couleurs... ouf! Patience j'ai dit? Minutieuse va! Bonne journée!

sapphireblue said...

The family is the first priority. Don't worry. We're still here. Not going anywhere. Just post when you can.

It's often difficult for me to post in natural light, because I work during the day and my knitting is done at night.

The projects are looking great. Hope the family is doing well.

Alrischa said...

Bohus... nice! I love seeing peoples WIPs as much as their FOs :D

Laurie said...

Beautiful project! I love the bright colors against the black.

Here's what I think: in addition to knitting groups, we should have groups where we get together and do fashion shots of each others' knitwear. Much more reliable than husbands, doncha think? ;-)

Sinéad said...

Love the color of your Castlegar, full of sunshine & sping. We can hope, right?
I looked a bit further into Bohus after your post, and I now have a book on my wishlist, Poems of Color. Is this the book you have? Must. Try. Bohus.

dawn said...

I can't wait to see the Castlegar in all it's glory! The WIP is definitely keeping me interested though...beautiful!

Jennifer said...

The knitting is gorgeous, but I'm more tickled by the fact that a comment like "Phil was running out the door to go kite-skiing" is a perfectly normal phrase in your household. :D

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Can't wait to see a finished Castlegar either! I agree with you on the natural light thing. I prefer nat light too :)

Kite-skiing? What's that?