Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Above and Beyond

A few weeks ago, I was happily knitting along on Émilie's Good Stripe Dress, and the unthinkable happened: despite what I thought were clever calculations, I ran out of my main colour with one stripe left to go (read all the details here, and here).

As you'll recall, I conducted some desperate searches on Ravelry, located some people with the same yarn in the same colourway in the same lot number in their stashes, and made arrangements with them to have them send their yarn my way (thanks again Deborah and Donia!).

Now, I've mentioned this on previous posts, but I really want to draw special attention to one particular Raveler, Becky (aka Bambers). About 2 weeks ago, I had gotten in touch with her, because not only had I run out of my main colour, but I had also run out of my main contrasting colour, with about 4 and a half rows left to go, no less. Through an incredible stroke of luck, she had the same lot number as me, and offered to send me a ball free of charge. "Chalk it up to yarn karma!", she said.

Off she went to the post office, and I waited. And then we waited. We sent each other messages every couple of days (Did you send it? Did you get it yet?). We waited some more. Becky started to feel badly that she had sent her package via ground mail, and hadn't gotten a tracking number (not that I blamed her one bit, she was paying for this out of her own pocket, remember). She started to tell me that she would send me another ball. "No, no!" I say "I've got a good feeling about this one. Give it a bit more time."

The this past Monday Eureka!!!!! I get the yarn. As soon as I get home I log onto Ravelry, eager to send Becky a message to tell her the good news. "Look! She's already sent me a message!", I say to Phil.

Then my heart sinks. Turns out that not only had she sent me a second ball of yarn, she sent it via Fed Ex, complete with a tracking number, to make sure I would get the package.


Put it this way: I think I can state with some degree of certainty that there is most definitely some good yarn karma coming her way.

OK, gotta go, I've got a dress to finish.

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Looking sincerely gorgeous. Still looking forward to seeing the finished project modelled...but probably not as much as you are :)

Mrhide said...

Say, what's that in the back?! :)

Jennifer Lori said...

Knitters are awesome.

Did I ever tell you about the vendor we saw at the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival, about 2 years before we met? One of us Montreal knitters wanted to buy yarn from a vendor who was either Lamb's Pride or something similar. Anyways, the girl didn't have enough cash and the vendor didn't take credit card SO SHE GAVE the yarn to my friend and told her TO SEND A CHECK WHEN SHE GOT HOME.

Can you believe that? She said she'd run into too many honest knitters to believe she'd get screwed over.

Knitters rock.

Anonymous said...

that is so great!!
can't wait to see it all finished- it's so cute!
xo your secret pal

birana said...

It's coming this dress! What were we doing without ravelry?!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Knitters rock! 'nuff said!