Saturday, June 7, 2008


Despite my best intentions, it looks like my Seeley Socks (yes, they're for SEELEY, not you, Philippe!) will be fraternal rather than identical twins. Try as I might to get the stripe sequence to line up, I couldn't find a spot in what was left of my ball where the yarn matches the beginning of my first sock. I suppose I could break out the second ball of Trekking XXL I picked up last weekend, but frankly, I'm giving these away to a complete stranger, I'm not going to put that much effort (or stash) into it, professional pride be damned.

For those looking at this picture and scratching their heads, the main colours are lining up, but the contrasting threads aren't. To wit: the green stripe on the left has a yellow contrasting thread, and the green stripe on the right has a red contrasting thread. Not a big deal, but I SO wanted these to match perfectly. Oh well.

In other knitting news, I'm still waiting on my green CotLin to pick up the Good Stripe Dress where I left off. Come on, Mister Postman!!!

I've also hopped on the podcast bandwagon as of this morning. No, I don't have my own podcast (not yet!), but when I mentioned to Robyn that I had never listened to any before, she graciously made me a DVD with a bunch of her favourite podcasts on there. I started with She-Knits, and I quite like it! It makes for good commuter listening. Thanks Robyn!

Today is my wedding anniversary. Yup, 5 years on June 7th. Phil and I were planning on a romantic weekend getaway, but we didn't realize our anniversary was on the same weekend as the Grand Prix! All the hotels are booked, and those few places that still have rooms available have inflated their prices astronomically. So we're going to postpone the celebrations for another weekend, maybe make it a combination anniversay/birthday thing (my birthday is June 27th).

*Warning! Potential grossness in the next picture. Proceed at your own risk.*

OK, I was actually going to end this post here (I wrote it on Friday, but figured that 2 posts in one day would be pushing it). But Phil took a picture of our daughter Émilie today that just cracked me up (and also made me throw up in my mouth a little bit).

Phil's parents are having major work done on their property. There's lots of freshly churned earth around to dig in and investigate, and our daughter is anything but squeamish. So, without further ado, I give you Émilie and the Nightcrawlers!

Aaaaw. What a little princess! LOL!!!!!

OK, that's it for today! I'm quite proud of myself, actually. 3 posts this week! :)

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! (I'm a few posts behind on your blog - I'll get to them!)

Hope you have a great anniversary.

AliP said...

Emilie And The Night Crawlers sounds like a terrific BAND!!! (and she will be rich and she will be famous and she will buy her Mama much yary goodness).

Sereknitty said...

LOL at Emilie, pretty in pink, with a handful of worms!

I think the seeley socks, rock! I wouldn't be too concerned about it exactly matching ... I honestly couldn't see it at first glance.

Happy anniversary!