Friday, June 13, 2008

You Rock!

Just a quick post tonight. I'm quite beat, actually. Phil bought himself Guitar Hero for the Wii, and we've been playing it all evening. Sure, I can rock it out like nobody's business on the Easy setting, but my first attempt at the Medium setting kicked my arse. So Phil's playing now, and I'm knitting. :)

Speaking of knitting, I had to rip out the second Sock for Seeley back to the cuff. So sad, I know. I had just turned the heel, had picked up my gusset stitches and everything, when I realized I was missing a stitch on one of my instep needles. I checked my work, and it turns out I had dropped a stitch waaay at the end of the cuff, and had just never realized. So ribbit, ribbit, ribbit I went. So much fun.

Secret Pal Question of the Week: What's your favourite summer beverage?

OK, I'm actually quite sophisticated, but honestly the only thing that's coming to my mind right now is beer. I know, Sangria, white wine, rosé whine, that's all fine and dandy. But really, what hits the spot better on a hot summer day than a cold bottle of beer? Not much, that's what.

Happy Knitting Everyone! And Happy Knit in Public Day tomorrow! I'll be heading out to Fairview Mall to meet Robyn and her West Island Knits gals. See you there? :)


Caroline said...

I LOVE GUITAR HERO!!! I can do ok at medium! The Weezer song is my favourite!

Jennifer Lori said...

I love Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but suck at them. I'd love to be the singer in Rock Band, but only if alone. ;)

Out of curiosity...if you dropped a stitch at the cuff, and had already finished the leg and the heel... Why didn't you just tack that dropped stitch in place, then increase one stitch at where you were to bring you back to the proper #, then just continue with the foot? The sock wouldn't be noticably tighter by being 1 stitch narrower, and it would have saved you all the time of reknitting!

Mrhide said...

Knights of Cydonia by Muze is our "best new discovered song" out of it.

I'm stuck at fighting Lou ...


Anonymous said...

Beer- mmm!
Hope you had a nice Knit in Public Day...!! :))
your secret pal

Mrhide said...

nevermind :) I've beaten him ! I'm now an official guitar hero at medium

birana said...

I love guitar hero too! My boyfriend bought this and also rock band (which is a complete group) I'm, not quite good at hard level for some songs, but i keep on practicing because my boyfriend is now at expert! Good luck with you knitting.