Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bonne fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste !!!!!

A few new readers popped by last post, which made me feel guilty about not posting for the past few days. I tell you, whenever a new reader leaves a comment, I feel like some kind of movie-star or something (I imagine this wears off with time, just ask the Yarn Harlot). So Thanks! And Welcome!

OK, Émilie and Daddy are outside washing the car (I won't say cars, because I know for a fact that he's only washing his own car and not mine, even though I haven't looked outside), and Maxime is playing somewhat quietly at my feet, so I'm going to try and get this post out this afternoon. (edited at 8:17 PM: obviously, I failed!!!)

Let's see, what the heck have I been up to, anyway?

Right! Sunday afternoon we were fortunate enough to score last minute invites to the most happening social event of our street, Kate-the-Enabler's son Aidan's 3rd birthday party. Even though it had been downright nasty all day, I think Kate must have sacrificed a live chicken to the Gods or something, because out of nowhere the sun popped out, and we enjoyed perfect weather for a lovely party outside. I'd post pictures, but it seems that I'm the kind of parent who mostly takes pictures of my own kids at other peoples' birthday parties, and I think the event should be all about Aidan. :) Rest assured, fun was had by all, the kids were quite well-behaved, and we can only hope to make it to the short-list next year. Fingers crossed, everyone!

Monday everyone was back at work, back at daycare, all that fun stuff. Some people were fortunate enough to have both days off for St-Jean (for my non-Québécois, St-Jean-Baptiste day, originally a religious holiday devoted to St-John the Baptist, is the official national Holiday of Quebec [yes, it's considered a national holiday, even though we're not technically a nation. It's complicated.]), but not so for us. It's basically an excuse for young adults to get s**t-faced. Is that what the rest of you Canadians do on Canada Day?

Since getting s**t-faced is no longer an option at this point, we decided to go to the Montreal Insectarium and Botanical Gardens instead. We've been to the Biodôme loads of times, and even to the insectarium, but we somehow always end up going in late winter, and have never been able to enjoy the gardens in all their splendor.

I tell you, Émilie has some sharp eyes, because at one point we were walking along a path, and out of nowhere she shouts that she has spotted a frog. She sure had, and it was the smallest frog I've ever seen in my life!

(just to give you an idea of scale, that's Phil's pinky finger!)

Émilie was very excited, so excited in fact that she almost did the poor little guy in! But we managed to get him back to where he needed to be without too much damage.

This afternoon we're going to the annual hot dog pig-out in Phil's parents' neighborhood. Should be big big fun, as always. (it was!)

This week's Secret Pal 12 question is As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

I guess I'd have to say going to camp every year, or more specifically, the sleep-over night at camp. When I was little, I used to spend the entire month of July and the last 2 weeks of August at my Dad's, and while I was there I used to go to a day-camp run by the YMCA (I went to horse-riding camp, water camp, you name it). Every year there would be one sleep-over night, and I loved it.

OK, since this is still a knitting blog after all, I'll leave you with this picture. This was taken at the insectarium (all the objects in the picture were dyed using some kind of insect). Just goes to show you that knitting does indeed find it's way into all facets of my life, one way or the other!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


kate-the-enabler said...

Happy St Jean.
I feel compelled to clarify to the readership that it was not exactly the INVITE that was last minute - well, to be truthful, it was, but only because the party itself was last minute too. I needs me to get organized earlier next year.
So glad you guys came. We had a ball. (and Emilie wore THAT DRESS. Talk about us feeling honoured :) )
Um. and I adore the froggie.
cheers - KTE

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Happy Holiday!

When you coming to meet Mack? xoxo

That is a tiny frog! Ewww, frogs! LOL

Mrhide said...

Emilie has long eyelashes doesn't she?!

birana said...

Bonne saint-jean en retard :) Very small that frog! Boys and their car! dye made of insect.. strange but ecologic

Sheknits said...

Sorry to leave this here however I can't get though to your e-mail (my computer issues) youar comment was so very kind ...thank you! Now that I have peeked at your blog I will all say your princess is very adorable!
Thanks for listening...there are man more wonderful knitting podcasts besides mine however I am glad I can fill your ears with some gentle words