Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Yarn PrOn

It's been a kick-ass weekend. There was singing and yarn and big, big fun. Sit tight, I'll tell you all about it in a minute. But first, you wanna know who won my Sharing the Love contest, right? Drumroll please....

I gave everyone who entered a number as they commented, (including Phil, who insisted he met all the criteria I had set for entry into the contest), which put it at 8 participants. If you check the comments, you'll see that number 4 is Jennifer! Congratulations Jenn! My my my, the Knitting Goddess certainly is smiling upon you lately, isn't she? :)

My concerts went very well. I had a few solos this year (well actually, I was the only Soprano 1 in a trio, and I was the soloist in another piece), and I think I did fairly well. Of course, there are parts of my solo performance I could have done better (why do we always do our best singing in the shower?), but all in all, I'm happy. (And yes! I got my haircut on Saturday! That's what happens when I don't see the hairdresser for 2 and a half months. I get a little crazy with the scissors. I quite like it, but Phil thinks it's a little short and Émilie ways I look like a boy.)

But I know what you're all really interested in (besides the contest) is the yarny goodness, right? Well, someone was SPOILED, let me tell you! Man!

OK, first off, let me just say that I think I can pretty safely assume that I've got the best knitting friend EVER!!!! Dudes, I'm talking about none other than Kate-the-Enabler, and she totally, completely went overboard (no REALLY). She'd been telling me for weeks how psyched she was about my birthday, and now I know why! If I had gifts that good, I'd be psyched to give them too!

First off, a little back story. Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned listening to She-Knits' podcast and being overcome with the urge to knit a felted handbag, and bemoaning the fact that the pattern I had my heart set on used Lamb's Pride Worsted, of which I had precisely none in the stash, and how I couldn't buy any because of my oath not to spend on yarn until Rhinebeck? Remember????

Well, apparently it didn't fall on deaf ears, because Kate marched herself on down to Ariadne and bought me four balls of Lamb's Pride in the Oregano colourway (she had casually asked me "But if you were to make the bag, what colour would you use?" Sneaky, very sneaky).

But wait! As if that weren't enough, she had none other than the great Maggie of Dyed in the Wool Handmade fame to dye up a one-of-a-kind colourway of roving for yours truly. And the best part? Check out the NAME!!!

It's called Day of Rest, My Arse! DORMA!!!! Is that freakin' awesome, or what???? I don't think this picture is doing it justice (I suck at Photoshoping), but it's rich with purples and greens and just a touch of blue, and sadly, I'm totally unworthy of it. I'm sorry to say that I haven't really touched my spindle since my workshop in early May, but I've become convinced that I'd get a better hang of it if I were spinning on a wheel, so I've set up a "spinning-wheel fund" with some birthday money I've received, so hopefully, one day, I'll have some lovely Day of Rest My Arse socks to show you.

Maggie was also kind enough to send me a mini batt of merino-tencel in a lovely, girly pink shade that Émilie has already called dibs on.

Unbelievable. The woman is clearly a force to be reckoned with. My only regret is that I wasn't able to open my gift with Kate present (I was rushing out the door to a concert, she was dealing with a sick 7 month-old). Man, I've got some catching up to do this year! (Last year, kind of spur of the moment, I told Kate to pick a skein of yarn while at the yarn shop). It's a good thing Rhinebeck is just before Kate's birthday! :)

OK, last but certainly and most definitely not least, my darling, awesome husband bought me... get this: can you say BOHUS, BABY????

He got me the Wild Apple Hat and Scarf Kit (click on Bohus Stickning when you get to the main site, it's the third one down on the left). I'm so excited about this, I can't even tell you. Ever since I bought Poems of Color, I've wanted one of these kits, but have never had the guts to actually BUY one for myself, which makes it the perfect gift in my opinion.

Lastly, my mother, step-father and grand-mother offered me some yarn money (I'm using some for yarn, but most of it will go to the afore-mentioned Spinning-Wheel purchasing fund), and I know she went on a Chapters spree using my wish list, but I don't know what she bought yet (probably in a few days, I'll let you know).

OK! It's now 9 o'clock, I've spent the entire evening on this post. Phil's been playing Guitar Hero all night (if I hear One by Metallica one more time, I think I'll pop a blood vessel), and I just know that the second I sit down to knit (finally!), he'll want to go to bed. Oh well!

Happy Knitting Everyone, and thanks to everyone who participated in my Sharing the Love contest!


Maggie said...

I'm glad you liked it! Yay!

WOW, that Bohus kit...particularly special because your husband knew to get it for you. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. :D

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Nice birthday gifts Tara!! You're one lucky girl!

I love the new haircut, it looks good on you!

Mrhide said...

Thanks Maggie ! can you guess how I knew ?!

and One at Hard is ...exactly that!

got that "one" and Reign in blood ( no, that's not a colorway) left at hard and I'm done!

birana said...

Congrats for your concerts. And my bag too would be green, nice green hein! So no buying, but many new things for your birthday!

Jennifer Lori said...


Thanks Tara! those are some awesome knitterly birthday gifts! I can't believe KTE had some roving dyed for you- that's awesome! (So maybe this should read, Way To Go Kate!). You MUST knit that bohus hat- it will be so cute on you!

p.s. love the hair!

Shannon said...

Oh I love the DORMA. I bet it will spin up great.

Sereknitty said...

Wow, nice birthday gifts! I'll have to point out your blog to my family, as mine's on the 8th ... think they'll take the hint??

You were very wise to make the pinwheel in a varigated yarn ... it really cuts the tedium of all that stocking stitch ... your choice is very pretty!

Congrats on the concerts! The only singing I've been doing lately, is for the baby:)