Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 Dodos

Only 3 sleeps left until we set out on our Japan adventure, and I'm feeling so completely frazzled that I can't believe I'm even taking the time to sit here and talk about how frazzled I am. But I'll make it! I've still got some baby food to make, and some last minute errands to run (leg wax, Costco run, etc.), and to make matters worse, or at least more difficult, Phil's grandmother passed away on Monday, so on top of everything else, we've got the wake and funeral to attend as well. She had been ill for quite some time, and I really feel that it's a blessing that she's no longer suffering and can finally find some peace.

Just when I start to freak out, I remember that I'm leaving the kids and the house in more than capable hands, so that if I do forget something, it won't be the end of the world. Right? Right.

Yesterday afternoon I hung out with my mother, and we did some much needed shopping for yours truly. My Spring wardrobe was looking pretty thin, so we braved the snow and headed out to Place Rosemère. I really didn't see much of anything that I liked until we got to RW&CO., where I camped out in the dressing room trying stuff on for at least an hour. The sales lady was wonderful (they're not paid on commission at that store, so they're really honest about whether or not an outfit suits you), I received great service and I'm really happy with my purchases. I even bought a great shirt for Phil!

When No Country for Old Men won a gazillion Oscars on Monday, we (and the rest of the world) decided we should probably see it. We're big fans of the Coen brothers after all, so we went ahead and, ahem, rented it last night ;) DUDES!!!!! All I can say is thank God for Javier Bardem (who really did deserve the Oscar), because it wasn't really my cup of tea. It's hard to explain, I guess. I mean, I appreciated the film as a work of art, I appreciated the acting and the general feel of it, but it wasn't, you know, entertaining? Has anyone else seen it? Am I way off base?

While we were watching the movie, I swatched the Mission Falls 1824 Wool I had set aside for the Cardigan for Merry, and unfortunately, it's just not going to work out. My gauge is still too loose using the recommended needle size (I'm getting about 24 stitches to the inch using 3.0 mm needles, as opposed to 26 stitches), and the fabric is already way too stiff for my liking. I won't despair, though. I've had this pattern in my Ravelry queue for a while, and I think the yarn will be perfect for it (even if it's not cotton). Unfortunately, I won't be casting on Merry, which has me seriously bummed. I did some surfing, and I think I could use some Elann Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina for it, which actually works out cheaper than the suggested KnitPicks Andean Treasure (and it's even got some fabulous heathered colours), but we all know where that kind of thinking leads so I'm just going to cast on for Trellis and hope that I'm so enchanted by it that I forget about Merry altogether (highly unlikely).

As promised, I'll leave you with a shot of my Serendipity socks (January Rockin' Sock Club) in progress. Happy Knitting!


Maggie said...

I can't say you're way off base in your lack of enjoyment of a movie...taste is subjective and we can't all like the same things. But personally I loved this movie. I like the dark stories, but mostly in this movie I liked the storytelling. "Entertaining" is a hard word to apply because the story is so dark, and I didn't have fun watching it like I'd have fun watching a comedy, but I did enjoy it very much.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about Phil's grandmother. It sucks as we're all getting older we get to watch our kids grow up but our older family leave us.

birana said...

Really nice color your sock fom the club! Mes condelances pour la grand-mere de phil ; / I did not see the movie, but I think I should.. I heard difference opinion about it. I love the cardigan for merry and the other one from knitty I wax thinking about which one I’ll make for a friend today. It’s funny.. But I still don’t know. Have a nice 3 dodos and happy knitting

Sereknitty said...

I'm going to use D.B. Baby Cashmerino for my cardigan for merry ... perfect gauge, so soft, and machine washable! I love RW & Co! They have some really cute things there without being too trendy, and actually have a lot that suit my not-stick-thin figure. I got some really soft t-shirts for my hubby in there,too, in the yummiest colours.

Sereknitty said...

Hi Tara,
I've nominated you for a 'you make my day' award, which you can collect at my blog!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Sorry to hear about Phil's grandmother. My condolences.