Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I usually don't post on Thursdays, but I just had to blog about this. OK. So last night, Émilie is all excited about Valentine's Day, and she's asking me to please wash her red tights and her pink skirt so she can wear it to daycare, and she's talking about everything they'll be doing, and as a grand finale, she blurts out "AND WE'RE GOING TO PUT RIBBONS IN MY HAIR!!!" Woo-Hoo!!!

Um, ribbons? Dude, I don't HAVE any ribbons. Riiiiight. Okaaaay, I've got 2 Masters' degrees, I can handle this. And then it hits me: I'll knit her some i-cord ribbons. I had planned on using some Red Heart Soft Touch that I had leftover from Maxime's hat, when I remembered that with my last Loopy Ewe order, they had sent a kit for a mini sock with some cute pink variegated sock yarn. I had set the pink yarn aside to give to Robyn for her second baby blanket (this was before we knew she was having another boy), so into the stash I went.

I took the yarn and my size 0 dpns and headed off to LavalKnits knit night. We're talking a 3 stitch i-cord, here, so it didn't take very long. And voilà! The finished object:
OK, it's SO not a big deal, but I was pretty gosh darn impressed with myself for coming up with this knitty solution to a last minute request from my daughter, who was tickled pink with her ribbons upon waking this morning. Seriously, are these not the cutest little things you've ever seen in your life? (OK, maybe not your life, but this morning?). I'm SO going to make more of these! I'm even thinking of adding beads to my next pair.

Speaking of LavalKnits, it was just Alison and I last night, but I had a blast and a half just the same. Alison has a very infectious laugh (really no other way to describe it). You just can't help but giggle when she laughs. Anyway, I had loads of fun, and I really hope we keep the LavalKnits meetings up (it's harder for me to attend the Montreal Knits meetings).

I'll leave you with this picture of Émilie, posing quite demurely in all her Valentine's glory. Have a great day everyone! Make sure to kiss your loved ones and eat lots of chocolate (it has no calories today! I checked, it's a rule).


Knitting Mama said...

I am sorry I didnt make it last night, I was beat. I will make it out to the next one!

The ribbons are cute!

Happy V-Day!

birana said...

Your little Emilie is so cute with her "ribbon". Come on mom make a whole collection for your cute little girl ;) It was my valentine's super with me boyfriend yesterday .. that why I couldn't be at lavalknits meeting. I'll try my best for the next one. Happy Valentine's day.

AliP said...

Oh my gosh they turned out so CUTE!!!
Perfect solution for the lack of ribbons. Very creative.
Now she will need scrunchies and head bands...LOL
I'm glad you weren't bored with me Tara. I loved getting out with you too.

Caroline said...

Happy Valentine's day! Your daughter is adorable with her pink ribbons!

I hope sugar pie doesn't have calories wither today cause I'm making one for my Valentine!

Mrhide said...

hiiiii hiiiii!!

Sereknitty said...

Cute ribbons (and daughter)!