Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Technology Sucks

I think I'm pretty good with technology. OK, maybe I'm not a wiz, but probably better than average. I can cut and paste, I can navigate the Web, I can text on my cell. I tell you, I'm down with the new lifestyle (heck, I am a blogger, aren't I?). Then there are days when I feel like a rat in a laboratory, trying to figure out how to open the damn trap door so I can just get to the stinkin' cheese already. I swear, at times like these, I've actually checked the house to make sure there weren't any hidden cameras or anything, because I just can't get over my own ineptitude.

Like the time I tried removing a broken windshield wiper blade from my car in a parking garage, and wound up giving up after struggling for 15 minutes, going through every single curse word I could think of in both French and English, and generally working myself up into such a fury that I could have caused myself sever bodily injury. Or the time I tried making coffee for myself when Phil was out of town and just couldn't get the filter back on to the stupid machine no matter what I did (I JUST WANTED A STINKIN COFFEE!!!). Or this morning. I've been fiddling with Photoshop for about 25 minutes, trying to figure out how to remove the red eye on a picture I took of Émilie this morning. For the life of me, I just can't figure it out. Since this is likely one of the most common corrections one would want to make to a photograph, shouldn't there just be a friggin' "Correct Red Eye" button or something??? No, because that would make sense, wouldn't it, and Lord knows we can't have that!!!

Grrr. (Pauses to sip soothing tea. Breathes.) OK, I've calmed down. Let's look at the picture, red eye and all, because she's just so gosh darn cute that it'll make almost anyone feel better.

Isn't she adorable??? She chose this wacky outfit on her own (you can't see the shocking pink tights that complete the ensemble), and decided it would all look even better with the toy jewelry Santa brought her for Christmas. It took some pretty fancy negotiations to get her to take the bling off before going to daycare, let me tell you.

I finished Phil's Spring Cable Socks yesterday. I'll post pictures next time, because the ones I took this morning really don't do the socks justice (natch). Nor do they do Phil's legs justice, for that matter. Seriously, they look as though they belong to Ichabod Crane or something. Maybe the Wicked Witch of the East (you know, when her feet are sticking out from under Dorothy's house).

I was supposed to go to Cardio-Poussette this morning, but it's been snowing quite a bit, which makes it impossible to navigate with the stroller, so I'll see if I can go tomorrow instead. Today, I'll concentrate my efforts on cooking and knitting (not necessarily in that order).


AliP said...

Its nasty out there on the roads this morning thats for sure. Hope its better tonight.

Mrhide said...

I think there is such a button in ACDSee dear ;)

Sereknitty said...

Photoshop completely defeats me, too. I just wait until I get to the photostore and then remove the red eye at the kiosk :)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Photoshop does not have an automatic Redeye reduction. I have a software that does - if you want a copy of it - called Roxio Photosuite.

I wouldn't know how to change a windshield wiper either... I'm with ya! Except I only know 1 curse word in French, you'll have to teach me more.