Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad News

Well people, I've got some pretty devastating news to share with you all. I've suspected as much for a while now, but this weekend Kate-the-Enabler finally confirmed that she would NOT be able to go to Rhinebeck with me this year, despite the good time we had together in 2008 (at least, I thought we had a good time!).

The silly rabbit has gone and gotten herself knocked up (AGAIN!) and will be delivering round or about Labour Day of 2009 (get it??? LABOUR day)


Can you believe the nerve, the gall... the sheer audacity of this woman???? Does our friendship mean NOTHING? I mean... she just up and creates a human life without consulting me, without even considering the impact it would have on my vacation plans!!! Nope! She seems to be under the impression that she and her husband get to make that decision!

Geez... I tell you. Some people are just incapable of thinking about anyone other than themselves, I guess.

Well, the upside of this is that you can bet your alpaca there's going to be some pretty intense baby knitting at casa de Dear over the coming months. I just need to wait for the ultrasound pictures, and then the selection process can begin in earnest. By the way, since Kate's already got 2 boys, we're going to need all your GIRL vibes, m'kay? Say it with me: Girl, girl, girl.

Well, now that I've got that off my chest (thanks for listening, y'all), on to knitting!

I finished the first of my Landscape Fire socks last week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I know I haven't taken a picture yet, so here you go.

Love these socks. Yup, I sure do...

I won't bother with a picture of the slightly-longer-than-last-time stole, but I will say that I knit 28 rows last night, as opposed to "just" 21 (or 3220 stitches instead of 2415). Hah! I RULE!!!

We're leaving for Florida in 4 weeks. As far as the stole goes, I'm not worried. But there's another area that's going to need some attention in the coming weeks.

My wardrobe!!! I bought these shorts last summer. While they weren't exactly snug or anything, they're ridiculously too big for me now (I've lost 12 pounds and counting over the past 6 months, with another 6 to go to achieve my goal).

Hmmmmm.... maybe I should knit myself a teensy bikini or something?

Happy Knitting Everyone! I've got 21 rows to knit.


Alrischa said...

Woo... I wish losing 12 pounds would make me look that bikini-worthy Ü Great job!

Happy Girl-vibes to Kate, not because you need a gender balance, but because girls are somehow more fun to knit for!! (Don't have her on Labour Day, though. lol)

Michelle said...

so, I am thinking the stork really did bring your kids! You look great.
And she really isn't going?? It's rhinebeck!!

Sinéad said...

Congratulations Kate! Sending girly vibes your way.
No company for Rhinebeck? *ahem* sales plugI'm great fun, just as good at enabling, all I need is my airfare and I'm there lol. end sales plug
My God you look good recently. It's amazing how much difference a few pounds can make; those shorts are hanging off you! Current weather forcasts for Florida range from 22 - 27C (yes I check every day) so an itsty bitsy bikini is defintiely on the cards. Treat yourself!

Mrhide said...

Congrats Kate and Chris! girl girl girl!

Paid airfare eh?! oh the irony ! :D

birana said...

I really enjoy to see that little knitting ;) And for rhinebeck.. I would love to go, but maybe in few years, because this year is grass, ciment and basement! (a lot iof money to be pent for non interesting thing,, not knitting.. but that has to be done!) It’s a GIRL I’m sure! Congrat for your new weight! It’s soo fun to see your clothes not fitting like this (because the opposite isn’t.. for me actually). Knit yourself a bikini for Florida I’m sure you’ll have great success. Hi!hi!

kate-the-enabler said...

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry reading your post - thanks for such a brilliant announcement/feature on the blog - I'm touched (and Chris is wildly amused)
Heck - I could come anyway...I'm sure a brand new baby wouldn't cramp our style in any way... (ha).
Just think how deeply desperate I will be to go in 2010... All joking aside - while I'm delighted about the pregnancy, I do regret that the timing (which also pleases me in most respects) prevents another excellent girls weekend away this year. Save my spot for future endeavours?

On a completely different note - that's a GREAT photo with the shorts - not only does it show that you've gone down some very exciting sizes - LOOK at your flat little non-existent tummy! THAT'S AWESOME :)

(I'll be happy to assist in vetting resumes for Rhinebeck companions...sounds like you'll have candidates lining up. Sniff. ;) ) - and thanks to all your readers for their kind good wishes!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

First off, WAY TO GO on your pants being too big!

Secondly, I knew there was a reason Kate was ignoring my "let's get together" emails... she didn't want me to guess she was pregnant! (I'm sure I would have noticed the "glow")!

Having said that, there is a spot in our car if you want to come to Rhinebeck, but you know that. We're not filling it with anyone else, so if you want it, it's yours. Hotel is already booked!

ps- Love the Labor on Labor day comment!

Sereknitty said...

Looking fab-u-lous, dahling! Between CURVES and your veggie lunches, it's really paid off -- definitely a teeny, weeny bikini is in order, although maybe not a knit one. I'm always a little concerned about the stretch factor, especially when they get wet ... you might get hit by a freak wave and the top and bottom could end up in a knot around your knees -- happened to my girlfriend in Hawaii!

Oh yeah -- GIRL, GIRL, GIRL !!!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm so excited for KTE.

2. Holy skinny Batwoman! Color me jealous! :]

3. Did I mention I'm so excited for KTE?

4. Knit/crochet bikini=good. Knit/crochet bikini+water=bad.