Friday, March 20, 2009


So last night, after putting the kids to bed, the plan was to watch a few episodes of Bones and put in my 21 rows. Phil was having some friends over to play pinball, so I had an entire evening of TV and knitting stretched out before me.

Putting Maxime down was a breeze, as always. Émilie however, being in the throes of what I can only pray is the peak of the Electra complex (apparently the Oedipus complex only applies to boys), was another matter entirely. I tell you, she pitched a FIT the likes of which I have rarely seen when Daddy didn't come to put her to bed. Honestly, I half expected her head to turn 360 degrees or for her to vomit pea soup or... something! Never mind that I've been reading her her bedtime story and putting her to bed for her entire life. Nooooo, only Daddy would do.

I didn't give in of course. I figured I needed to nip this behaviour in the bud. But wow, that was trying on Mommy's patience.

When she was finally in bed, I came back downstairs, cleaned up a bit, and sat at the computer to burn the episodes I had downloaded onto a DVD. While I waited, I logged onto Facebook to check my messages, and chatted with a friend for a while. Before I knew it, it was 8:50.

"Aaack! I think. My 21 rows!!" I log off, sit down with my knitting, and one of Phil's friends comes up to shoot the breeze. Turns out he's going to Paris with his girlfriend in a few months, and wanted a few pointers. You know, what should he see? Is it expensive? Stuff like that. I show him my blog, and tell him to check out the archives for Paris.

By now it's 9:20. David's been waiting patiently, and it's time to get to it. I knit and drool for about 5 minutes when another friend of Phil's comes upstairs to shoot the breeze, this time about a super-secret project that my peep Alison and I have got in the works for the Fall.

It's now 9:45. Poor David's really starting to think I'm neglecting him. I sit back down to confirm my utter and undying devotion to both he AND the stole. By the time the episode is over, it's 10:20, and it's time to pack it in. Before putting everything away, I decide to check my progress.

And that's when I see it.

If I had knit my 21 rows, I would have been DONE! As of right now, I've got 10 rows left. I am TOTALLY blocking this puppy this weekend! Woot!!!

As far as Fratello goes, so deeply am I ensconced in a feeling of heady, intoxicating lust for Yarnissima's gussett increases, that I've continued working on it in the metro. Yes, it's inconvenient and clumsy. But I don't care. I'm powerless before the gussett, I tell you. I can't stop. And I don't want to.
Happy Knitting everyone! I'm off to try to knit with a Boston Terrier attached to my bosom.


Alrischa said...

Jasmine's got the opposite at the moment. Daddy tries to put her to bed and she screams until she vomits. It's kind of nice to be wanted, but at the same time, I'd like to be able to go out!

Love the blues and greens. Can't wait to see it blocked. I'm going to do something lacy sometime just to see how much fun blocking it is Ü

Sinéad said...

I hate when you really have all the good intentions to sit & knit(drool) and you just never get there. Still, only 10 rows left! yay! Can't wait to see it finished & blocked.

Sereknitty said...

Wow, so close! You're almost home-free :)

Those socks look amazing and that colour is fab. I'm so not a sock fan, but even I can appreciate those tiny cables -- great job!

Ali P said...

Is it secret? is it safe? teehee

JB is just such a doll of a doggie! Its like he's always been yours! We went to a freidns place for dinner last night and their wee Maltese, Buddy, was my lap warmer for part of the evening. He is a shameless lap tart, that tiny tangle!!!

Anonymous said...

The socks look great but that photo of you and JB is adorable!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the photo of you and JB. How much does the little guy weigh?

I cannot wait to see your Pacific Island done!