Monday, March 9, 2009

No Knitting

How was everyone's weekend? Mine absolutely flew by, as usual. But despite what you may be thinking, I don't think I'd qualify the past few days as genuine DORMA days.

First off, the weather was absolutely fabulous. Yes, I know, it's not Spring yet. I've lived here all my life, I'm perfectly cognisant of the fact that Winter will indeed rear its ugly head and bite us in the arse a few more times before it finally takes the hint and gets the Hell out of Dodge... But still, it was awfully nice to get out there, soak up the sun and just enjoy the day, you know? And since the streets were, for the most part, clear, we even let the kids take out their bikes!

This was Maxime's first time on the tricycle. He loved it, I just know there are going to be many walks with Emilie on her big girl bike and Maxime on his tric' this summer. :)

Here we have Emilie, who would scream whenever she came to a dead stop and didn't have the momentum to go forward anymore. I kept telling her to "Pump her legs!", but she seemed fairly convinced that she should either be able to a) propel the bike forward with the power of her mind or b) scream loud enough that either Phil or I would come a-runnin' and give her a push. As a matter of fact, I think Kate-the-Enabler's son Aidan gave her a push this time!

Yup, I thoroughly enjoyed Daylight Savings Time. Right up until this morning, when the alarm clock went off in the middle of the night, and the entire house was asleep. Even Maxime had trouble getting up this morning, which is just unheard of! When Phil got him out of bed, he made a bee-line for Emilie's room, arranged the blankies he sleeps with into some sort of nest thing on the floor by her bed, and promptly lay down on them and wouldn't budge for 5 minutes.

And the worst of it is, I knew exactly how he felt. I'd have slept on Emilie's floor too, I was so tired... Of course now, here it is, past 10 at night and I'm wide friggin' awake (but that always happens after choir practice).

No knitting content tonight, I'm afraid. I did manage to put in 28 rows on the Pacific Islands stole last night, after we put the second coat of paint on the accent walls downstairs (by the way, the colour isn't orange, it's called Tango Red), but all that really means is that it looks exactly the same, except it's 5 inches longer. *Sigh*

Happy Knitting Everyone! I'll see you all on the flip side...


Sinéad said...

Aw Maxime looks so cute on his trike! I know what you mean about Émilie, Alice used to do that too. She'd take off down the road yelling yay and wee and other such things, then a minute later you'd hear "Mom, it's broken, it won't go" Sigh.

birana said...

So cute your kids on their bike.. Emilie seams to have so cute and funny reaction! No kntiting, but I least you had time to enjoy the nice weather and the sun :) And I totally agree for middle of the night! 5h45 is earlier when there's no light than 5h45 with lthe sun :)

Sereknitty said...

I can't believe how the kids are growing!

I'm off to get the grandson a trike or push vehicle of some sort, to use when he's over at our place. He's 18 months now and wants to always be in motion -- preferably with wheels involved! Last week, we ended up sitting him in the toy dumptruck and pushing him around the yard, much to his delight and our aching backs :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

We had issues with daylight savings time but on the Monday morning, not the Sunday. What a disaster that monday was getting Sean to daycare!

Glad you got to enjoy the outdoors, we've been too. I love the weather lately!