Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Rest?

Good evening friends, and welcome to the end of another weekend. How was it? Did you get to knit? Enjoy the nice weather? Soak up the sun?

Not me. Nope, it was week 2 of painting at casa de Dear this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, after taking the kids to my parents' house (thanks again, Mom and Michel!) and attending our first, weekly Muay Thai class with Phil's brother and his girlfriend (more on that another time), Phil and I headed over to the local paint store (again) and picked up the necessities for phase 2 of the complete makeover of our main floor.

As you can see, the old colour was sort of a medium café au lait brown, which worked well when we had carpet on the main floor. But with the hardwood flooring, we felt that everything was just too, well, brown! Brown floor, brown furniture (most of our furniture is wood), brown walls. We wanted more light and more cheerful colours in general. Enter colour 6160-41, aka Lazuli Bunting, which now covers the main walls of the living room, dining room, back wall and the entire kitchen. What do you think? You likey?

I should point out that the only reason we were able to do any painting this weekend is that the kids spent the night at their grandparents, which enabled us to put the first coat on yesterday afternoon, and the second coat on as soon as we got up this morning. Next weekend we're hoping to put the final colour on in the living room and hallway, as well as re-paint the foyer and stairwell. That should be a HOOT! *Sigh*

Hey! Wanna see something gross? Take a look at the side of my stove when we pulled it out of its alcove to paint the wall behind it!

Can you say Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww??? I guess I'm supposed to pull that out and clean there on a regular basis? 'Cause dudes, that was NASTY.

Another interesting development this weekend was the arrival of our new Boston Terrier, JB (short for Jean-Baptiste, the name he was given by his previous owners).

It's sort of unclear who's adopting whom, at this point. :)

I'd say it's still up in the air as to whether or not we'll be keeping him, but really, that'd be a lie. If the fact that I had to pull JB off Émilie's bed when I put her to bed at 8 PM didn't convince me of his being "Émilie's dog", his sneaking back up there 5 minutes later and settling himself right back on that bed with her pretty much nailed it.

Yeah, so not much knitting got done this weekend. I finished my Landscape Fire socks on Friday night (all weekend, I kept meaning to take a picture in daylight, but always thought "I'll do it later"), so rather than work on my 21 rows tonight, I decided to prepare for my next sock project. After all, I can't be without any knitting on the metro tomorrow morning, now can I?

(See the patches on the wall there? That's what we want to paint next weekend)

I'll be knitting Fratello, by Yarnissima, using Dream in Color Smooshy in the Deep Seaflower colourway (drool!). Now, Yarnissima's patterns can't be called brainless by any stretch of the imagination, but I just couldn't face another stockinette sock, you know? I needed something with a little more oomph. I worked the toe while watching the "almost last episode ever!" of Battlestar Galactica tonight, and other than the fact that I can't figure out for the life of me how to properly conceal my stitches when working a short-row toe, I can tell that we're going to be very happy together.

Before you ask Phil, I have no idea who these will ultimately be for. There are destined for the gift pile. So keep your hands OFF.

Happy Knitting Everyone! I'm off to bed.


Alrischa said...

The side of my stove is worse!

Wish I could get my hands on some smooshy because it sounds so nice... I'm going to have to visit a big yarn shop in Melbourne some time. When I've saved (or won) a heap of money Ü

birana said...

Oh! you have a new kid... He seems to be friend with you little girl. For the oven.. I clean it on a regular basis because i'm very good to make huge mess in the kitchen! Painting step 2...must be finish soon then. Ans keep in mind that you'll be right on time to go and knit outside them in a few weeks! An I agree.. you can't be in the metro without any knitting! It would be unacceptable. Yarnissima sock again.. They are all lovely her socks!

Big Girl Feet said...

Oooh i love the blue!! very nice and fresh!
and new puppy!! hooray!!

Ali P said...

How old is JB? When do I gets to meet him? My sister has a Boston Terrier and she is so head over heels in LOVE with her Bosco that he will be babysitting here with her in May.
As long as you keep JB clean and flea treated there shouldn't be a problem with him in Emilie's bed. I always slept with my dogs until Blossom. They are such devoted little dogs. Look at Bob on Ravelry.

Sereknitty said...

Welcome to your new addition! He and Emilie look like they already have a serious bond. It's a good way to teach kids responsibility because dogs have to be fed & walked consistently. The only time it can become a 'downer' is if Mom gets stuck with all the work, and then you may as well have another kid!

Mrhide said...

Jb is 10 years old ... all he wants to do is sleep ;) I'm not sure he "enjoys" not beeing bored with 2 kids! He also gives me a "Hey oh, did you look at the time?" look every morning when I go and wake Emilie up at 6h15!

Ali P said...

How true to life is the Lazuli Bunting in the picture? Its gorgeous and Cameron wants his bedroom painted turquoisey (for like, the last 18 months maybe???)

Ali P said...

HAHA @ Mr.Hide...
My sister's Boston Terrier pup actually lets her know when he wants HER to go to bed so he can snuggle up with her for a nap. He stands in the hall and looks at her, then down the hall to her bedroom, repeating with assorted sighs and whines.

knitspot anne said...

i like the new color; it's very similar to the color we painted my work room a few years ago (and a color that's likely to go by the wayside in favor of a plaster finish when we re-do that room; next on the list. but i might try to use it as a trim color, since i still love it . . .)
i have to salute your DIY progress; it's a great feeling to put a fresh look on things!

Amelah said...

Wow those are very nice!!!

Cute dog :)

If you don't know it is dirty, then it is not actually :-) thats my motto and i am sticking to it!!!!!

LOVE the blue yarn & paint :) :) :)

kate-the-enabler said...

The side of my stove (and then underneath it, and then the other side, etc) was my 'nesting' event while I was pregnant with Liam - one of those - 'hey..did I really just spend two hours on this completely unnecessary project...'.
The colours look awesome, way to get it all done.
and LOL AliPs comment about your having a BOB. It's TRUE, and it's funny.

Sinéad said...

You think your stove is bad? When we moved house to where we are now, I had scrubbed the house coz, y'know, I didn't want the new people knowing I was such a slob. So, sparkly house, movers arrive, pull out the cooker and ewwww there was a yellow egg running all down the side of it! AN EGG! I was sooo embarrassed. The movers replied "Don't worry missus, we see it all the time" *cringe*
Anyhoo, love JB, he looks right at home there. The colour on the walls is just gorgeous too, really fresh and clean. And the Smooshy? Well you know I hate you just coz you have some and I can't get any. (smooshy I mean ;) )

Anonymous said...

JB is adorable! And I love the blue. Is the red staying next to it? We love colors in my old house the bedroom was bright yellow, the spare bedroom was bright peach, the office was lavender, the dining room was navy blue and the living room was red-wine burgundy. Oh, and the basement was charcoal.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Finally catching up on my blog reading - YOU GOT A DOG! What a cutie! Did you adopt him from the SPCA?

I'm afraid to see the side of my stove, though I know I've spilled plenty down the side over the last 16 months or so that we've been here. Though, maybe I'll wait another few years or have my cleaning lady clean it! Thanks for the reminder that the side of stoves need cleaning too!